"Beast Wars Transformers" Air Hammer Toy Review


Air Hammer is one of the first regular sized Fuzor toys to be released. He uses a slightly different approach to transform but overall the effect is not as impressive as past regular Beast Wars Transformers toys such as Airazor.

Beast Mode:
Air Hammer's beast mode is a fusion of a hammerhead shark and an eagle. His wingspan is about four to five inches long. The shark "head" and rear "tail" are metallic blue in color. The "feather colors" are white with brown accents. The mouth of the beast opens and closes with spring action. His beast legs can bend at the ankle and knee.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
The shark head lifts up and folds back. The lower part of his beast mode's mouth becomes the lower arm of his right arm. His tail becomes the lower half of his left arm. They fold down and his chest lifts up and his robot head swings out. The chest closes up and turns, pressing back against his back and forming his upper body. His beast mode legs fold down and his hip "halves" come together. A nice transformation overall.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Air Hammer is mostly white. His wingspan forms most of the back with the brown accents intact. His chest is metallic blue colored, as well as the lower arm formed by the shark tail. Because of the length of his feet (which are "bird" feet), the figure stands rather sturdy. His face is nicely molded with a crest in the center and blue accents. The main problem with this mode is that the wings are very stiff and don't have any action feature built into them such as Airazor's "wing flapping" feature. A nice Fuzor, but not the perfect regular Beast Wars toy. B+

Updated Thoughts (January 14, 2022):
Decades after its release I find myself loving this figure more than I did in the past.  It has a beautiful sculpt and the deco is fantastic.  It is also extremely imaginative compared to the current trend of heavily mining the G1 era for designs.  I would not mind seeing a modern day, Deluxe Class version of Air Hammer, for sure.

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