"Beast Wars Transformers" Claw Jaw Toy Review


Claw Jaw is a basic sized Maximal toy. Although not highly regarded by fans, I think this toy is quite cool and fun to play with. Add to that it was one of the few aquatic Maximals at the time, and you have one interesting and fun toy.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Claw Jaw is a squid. His colors are vibrant and beautiful all at once. His arms are orange. His tentacles are a metallic red with purple details. The squid head area follows this color scheme as well, with yellow and black used for the eyes. The detail level on this toy is nice, with the nicest details being the suction cups on his arms and tentacles.

Claw Jaw has four primary points of articulation in this mode. That is unusual for any Beast Wars toy, but one must consider that squids don't have all that much articulation to begin with. Also, his lack of articulation in his six arms actually allows the toy to stand, much better than having a Transformer having to flop onto his back whenever in beast mode.

Claw Jaw's action feature relates to how real squid eat. Push the lever on his back and his mandible moves to seek out victims! Quite creepy looking and fun.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Claw Jaw's transformation by removing the orange "V" shaped piece on the lever on his back. Set that piece aside. Next, split the halves of the top of his squid head to form the robot legs. Fold that entire section down a bit, and then rotate it around. Swing back the arms and fold the robot head up. Now place the "V" shaped weapon into his hands using the peg in hole system, and Claw Jaw is in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Claw Jaw looks a lot more organic than robotic. Most of his color scheme from the squid mode carries over to this mode, but a lot more orange is visible, mostly on his torse, but also his thighs. The design is very smooth and flowing, appropriately so. However, that only leaves his robot feet and thighs as robotic looking pieces. Even the robot mode hed is very smooth and organic looking, not robotic at all. Depending on your personal aesthetic, that may or may not be a good thing.

Claw Jaw does look impressive however. The two sections of squid arms that are on his back resemble wings, and sharp points on his head, robot feet and lower arm designs all add to a very sleek appearance. His action feature still works in this mode too. Push the lever on his back and his mandibles reach out again, this time wide out in the open! As a robot, Claw Jaw has fifteen points of articulation. This includes waist articulation.

Claw Jaw is a basic toy, so there's not anything terribly complex about him. However, he has an unusual beast mode and is fun to play with. A

Claw Jaw Video Pack Repaint (Brief Review)
The Claw Jaw Video Pack repaint was also meant as an introduction to the Transmetals. However, this item was fairly difficult to find because it was only distributed in the UK. A close inspection shows that the designers tried to paint a yellow circuitry pattern on Claw Jaw to make him look more "tech" to match the Transmetals theme.
Updated Thoughts (January 28, 2022):
First, after looking at my old review I'm really embarassed that I did not  write more about the "Video Pack Repaint".  Mine is currently in storage and I'm considering possibly opening it up for a future review and gallery (but given after market prices on it it's kind of hard to pull the trigger on that idea just yet).
As for the first Claw Jaw release he has always stood out to me as one of the most "organic" (and slightly creepy) looking Beast Wars figures.  While many figures have some bits (usually parts of the arms or legs) that look robotic, Claw Jaw looks almost like he is a completely organic creature, down to his intricate and very alien looking head sculpt.  I also think he has one of the most distinct beast modes.  There are not a lot of squids bopping about in the Transformers toy line, and of the ones that are out there, Claw Jaw is the most "realistic".  He's absolutely fantastic and a must have for any Beast Wars fan.
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