"Beast Wars Transformers" Silverbolt Toy Review


Silverbolt was one of the first Maximal deluxe Fuzor releases. He is also arguably one of the most impressive Fuzors released in 1998. His organic side is a combination of a wolf and eagle, making for a very interesting "mythic" looking beast form. If you are going to only buy one Fuzor, this is arguably the one to get.

Beast Mode:
Silverbolt's beast mode is very well crafted. He shows the perfect blend of two creatures into one form. Each part blends nearly seamlessly into the next and no parts look out of place. The eagle parts consist of his wings, front beast mode legs and feathers on his tail end. His beast mode heads, rear legs and main body consist of his wolf parts.

Overall, the color is the grey of the wolf mode with the appropriate "fur molding". The wings are spectacular to look at. The undersides are made up of "wolf DNA" whereas the top of the wings are made up of feathers. Each feather is individually molded and colored with a blend of golden brown, black and grey. The result is a fantastic blending of colors on the wings. The only exceptions are the ends of the wings that actually launch out as missiles (and double as Silverbolt's weapons in robot mode).

The front legs in robot mode have claws like an eagle's with a mix of "wolf fur" and eagle leg bits. The claws can grasp tightly giving Silverbolt a definate dangerous weapon in this mode. His head is very well molded and colored, down to individually molded (and sharp) teeth. His beast mode eyes are yellow and most of the top of his head is black which fades into the grey of the rest of his body.

In beast mode, Silverbolt has ten points of articulation. This includes his front claws which can grasp objects or enemies!

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Silverbolt's front beast mode legs fold out to the side and his beast mode head folds down. The halves that the front beast mode legs rest on snap together to form the robot hips. A flap folds down from the beast mode's back and forms a "flap" over the hips. The robot head folds up and a small golden panel flips up to form the middle of his upper chest. The rear beast mode legs fold forward to form the robot arms. The tips of each wing eject by pressing the pegs on the lower parts of the wings to shoot out missiles which double as Silverbolt's hand held weapons in robot mode.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Silverbolt stands as a very dashing and "knight like" figure as his television show portrayal makes him out to be. In this mode he is primarily the same colors as his beast mode with more gold and a bright orange spot in his abdominal area. Although the figure is top heavy in many ways, it stands firmly and does not look out of proportion. His main body is very robotic looking whereas the rest of him looks very organic (including his face, wings and legs).

Subtle details truly add to the quality of this toy. The sides of his organic looking legs have robotic parts sticking out under the knees on the inside while the insides of the upper thighs have a bone molded into them. If you flip up his rear feathers, one will find his Maximal rub sticker as well as a flap on his back with more robotic parts on it. The only let down is that his weapons were molded in such a way that they would blend in with the other feathers, however, that means they had to be molded fairly round and not sharp like missiles. Therefore, his hand held weapons wind up looking more like large spoons than destructive missiles.

In robot mode Silverbolt has fifteen points of articulation including his wings and the ability to rotate his forearms on ball joints.

Silverbolt has the makings of a cool Transformer. He has extremely well done detail, a fun multi-step transformation and cool weapons. He is a worthy addition to any Transformers collection. A

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