"Beast Wars Transformers" Cybershark Toy Review


Cybershark is one of the many new Beast Wars deluxe toys. There have not been a lot of aquatic beasts in the Beast Wars, and it is nice to see one as fierce as a shark added to the mix.

Beast Mode:
Cybershark is an odd toy to say the least in beast mode. The shark mode is an odd mix of a tiger shark and a hammerhead shark. The color scheme is primarily blue grey. The shark's lower side is colored off white. Some green spots run along the backside of the shark mode. The teeth are silver and look sharp and mechanical.

There really is no posability to speak of in this mode, mostly due to the way the transformation is designed. However, his sleek yet frightening appearance makes Cybershark one cool beast.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Detach the tail, pop off the head to begin the transformation. Split the halves of the main body open to reveal the legs and robot parts. Swing down the robot legs and chest and snap it into place. Then swing up the robot arms. Place the head and tail pieces into the fists and Cybershark is now in robot mode!

Robot Mode:
Cybershark looks great in his robot mode. His head is a perfect blend of the "organic" nature of Beast Wars characters mixed in with robotic bits. He has an expression with teeth showing in a viscious grin.

Built into his chest is a missile blaster that fires missiles (conveniently stored into slots built into his back behind his head). His tail becomes a slicing pincer weapon. Push a button and the silver blade flips out snapping Cybershark's opponents apart! The head of the shark mode shoots out of Cybershark's chest firing mechanism and can be held in one of his hands to act as sort of a hammering instrument.

The detail level on this toy is great, not looking too "organic" or too "mechanical" but with many parts blending into each other to achieve a look of a true robot in (organic) disguise. Cybershark's posability is very well done and includes ankle articulation (which not even all Beast Wars toys have). This toy is highly recommended. A

Updated Thoughts (January 28, 2022):
I think thanks in large part to the prominence of Sky Byte in the Robots in Disguise series (and his later incarnation in Cyberverse) most people tend to think of Cybershark as the Transmetal 2 shark, so this version is sometimes forgotten about.  And that is a darn shame.  While not quite as unusual of a design as the Transmetal 2 version of the character, this figure is fantastic and in many ways is a very "straight forward" figure going from shark to "bio-mechanical" robot.  I am also super amused by his "Shark Missiles" which is both meta and hilarious at the same time.  To me this is one of the "must haves" of the line.

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