"Beast Wars Transformers" Snapper Toy Review


Snapper is one of the second line of basic sized Predacon toys for the Beast Wars Transformers line. Snapper would later be repackaged with Armordillo in Japan as part of the volcano playset.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Snapper is a turtle. His primary color is green. Dark white is used for his rear and forward claws. Some of the red from his robot mode peeks through on the hind legs and under his beast mode neck. Perhaps the nicest color detail on Snapper are wash patterns of orange which are used on the separating lines between the plates on his shell. Some of the same orange is also used on his beast mode head on the top of the head and the beast mode eyes.

Snapper's detail is very nice, quite impressive for so early in the Beast Wars line. Patterns on his claws and beast mode head resemble scales. The layered look of the various plates on his shell help the toy look much more like a 'natural' beast than a flat, symmetrical shell.

Snapper has twelve points of articulation in beast mode. This includes the ability for his beast mode head to move up and down as if he were constantly agreeing with someone. His beast mode mouth can open and his beast mode arms each have at least two points of articulation. Overall, this is a cool beast mode that is very well detailed.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Snapper's transformation by pressing down the turtle tail. This folds down the tail to form the robot chest while revealing the robot head. Straighten out the robot feet. Swing down the robot arms. Slide the section of shell from behind the robot head and flip out the double barrels to form his weapon. Place the weapon in his hand and Snapper is now a robot!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Snapper adds red to his repertoire of colors. Red makes up his upper arms, waist, upper legs and the barrels on his gun. Snapper's robot mode has a good mix of robotic and organic looking parts. The 'turtle bits' which carry over from the beast mode act as the organic parts whereas the newly revealed red parts, robot legs and robot head are all very mechanical looking parts.

Snapper has eleven points of articulation as a robot. He looks appropriately scary while being fun to play with. For a basic level toy still utilizing the spring transformation technology, Snapper does not disappoint. Recommended. B+

Updated Thoughts (February 13, 2022):
I recently had a chance to play with this figure again when I commissioned my "Megaturtle" custom.  This is a great example of the spring based transformation and I wish we had a line of toys doing this today.  Sure turtle mode legs just become the robot arms and so on, but the way the head pushes into the shell as the chest swings down and so on is fantastic.  This toy also has a wonderful deco.  Also huge kudos for how the weapon is hidden away in beast mode.  Overall this figure is a really cool and fun package.

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