"Generations" Legacy United Tasmania Kid Toy Review


General Information
Release Date: March 2021
Price Point: $9.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, Target, Walmart etc.)
Accessories: Tail/Arm Cannon

Official images and text in italics are from Amazon.com:

  • BEAST WARS II UNIVERSE TASMANIA KID ACTION FIGURE: This 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) Beast Wars II Universe Tasmania Kid toy features deco and detail inspiration from the animated series, Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers
  • 2-IN-1 CONVERTING TRANSFORMERS TOY: Transformers action figure converts from robot toy to Tasmanian devil toy in 20 steps
  • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: This Beast Wars II Universe Tasmania Kid Transformers figure comes with a cannon accessory. Accessory attaches as the figure’s tail in Tasmanian devil mode
  • ARTICULATED FOR PLAY AND DISPLAY: Transformers figures feature articulated heads, arms, and legs for action poses
  • CELEBRATE THE LEGACY: Transformers Legacy United honors 40 years of Transformers animated history! Collect other Legacy: United figures to unite your collection (each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • GIFT TRANSFORMERS COLLECTIBLES: This Beast Wars II Universe Tasmania Kid action figure toy makes a great collectible figure gift for any Transformers fan

Unite your favorite characters from across the world of Transformers robots into your collection with the Transformers Legacy United Core Class Beast Wars II Universe Tasmania Kid action figure! This 3.5-inch Beast Wars II Universe Tasmania Kid action figure converts between robot and Tasmanian devil modes in 20 steps. Gear up for battle with the included tail cannon accessory that attaches in both modes. The Beast Wars II Universe Tasmania Kid figure is inspired by the character from the animated series, Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers, and features articulated head, arms, and legs for awesome action poses. Celebrate the last 40 years of Transformers history with Transformers Legacy action figures. Transformers Legacy opens the portal to a whole new universe of -- More Than Meets the Eye -- bringing together every Transformers generation like you’ve never seen before. Collect and combine different characters to create your ideal Legacy lineup. TRANSFORMERS and HASBRO and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2024 Hasbro.

Back in 1997 Kenner released Snarl, a Beast Wars Transformers figure that represented a Maximal who (ostensibly) transformed into a Tasmanian Devil. Takara would later take this same figure and release it as a different character in Beast Wars II as "Tasmania Kid". Tasmania Kid was the youngest member of LioConvoy's crew and was constantly trying to prove himself (when he wasn't trying to put out a fire by peeing on it, no, really). Now Tasmania Kid has joined the ranks of Core Class figures in Legacy United!

Core Class figures in Legacy United use the same packaging design as the Studio Series Core Class figures. These small boxes are square shaped with a flap on top (making them more akin to G1 boxes than most modern day packaging). The figure sits inside the box with an open window showing most of the figure (without the protection of a plastic window). On the right is the vertical Transformers logo and under the figure is the Legacy United logo. The top flap shows off artwork featuring Tasmania Kid in his beast mode. The same artwork is found on the side of the box. The block of text that identifies the figure actually calls out the "Beast Wars II Universe" and names Tasmania Kid. I was surprised by this as this series is not often acknowledged by Hasbro so this is very cool to see.

The back of the box shows Tasmania Kid in both modes calling out a 20 step transformation (which is a lot for a Core Class figure!). It also offers up his name and "universe" again. Below that is a ton of legal information in various languages.

The original Snarl/Tasmania Kid figure had a tail that served as part of the figure's action feature in beast mode (in theory it was supposed to launch the figure in beast mode but it was not particularly successful) and as an arm cannon in robot mode. While there is no launching feature with this figure, the tail does still become his robot mode weapon. The "tail mode" features a pointed and fluffy looking tail with fur details sculpted onto it. As a cannon, there is a small peg on the bottom that seems to be just under 5mm in size. There is also a weapon barrel sticking out in front with a small point at the end that allows you to attach Blast Effects. This piece is made of brown plastic with no paint applications.

Robot Mode:
The Beast Wars II series did a good job of taking the design of the Tasmania Kid action figure and translating it into animation without altering it too much. Sure a lot of the proportions were changed but ultimately he was still a figure where the sides of the beast mode wound up on the back, paws became his hands and the beast mode head split to form his feet. All those design elements are included here. On top of that, his chest is sculpted to look like the bottom of the beast mode mouth. Interestingly enough, on the original Snarl/Tasmania Kid figure the bottom of the mouth did become a torso plate, but here the torso is a separate piece from the beast mode mouth designed with a row of teeth under abdominal muscles. Where this figure takes big inspiration from the animated series is the head sculpt. While it takes some design cues from the original action figure, the sculpt looks much more like the animation model than the original Snarl figure.

Aside from larger details, the small details on this figure take a page from the Beast Wars era as well. Aside from parts of the biceps, waist and thighs, this figure looks very organic. The forearms have fur sculpted on to them and his paws make up his hands. Parts like the lower legs have a nice combination of mechanical and fur details, showing the "blending" of aesthetics that was so much a part of the Beast-era. I loved this aesthetic and it is so rare nowadays that it is great to see it continuing beyond the Kingdom era.

Tasmania Kid features colors which appear largely based on the animated series. His main colors are brown and dark grey plastic. Brown makes up most of the figure while smaller parts like his upper arms and thighs are made of the dark grey. Paint colors include black, red, white and light blue. Among the most striking colors are the white and red, which are used to color the "teeth" on his torso and the area where his "tongue" would be. In what feels like a (possibly inadvertent) nod to the G1 cartoon, both his beast mode and robot mode eyes are light blue. Overall the deco pays homage to the original figure and the cartoon at the same time.

There are thirteen points of articulation on this figure. This includes three in each arm and leg. In what feels like a nod to the Beast-era of toys, most of the joints on this figure are ball joints. The shoulders, elbows, wrist, hips, knees and ankles are all ball joints allowing for a good range of movement. Thanks to the small size of the figure, there are no concerns about the figure being too heavy for the joints to support, and every joint on my copy of this figure is nice and tight. The tail/weapon can attach to the ports on the forearms nodding to the original Beast Wars Snarl's design. His hands each feature 3mm ports, which is an interesting choice as he does not include any weapons with 3mm pegs.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Detach the tail/weapon and set it aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the lower jaw halves (which act as heels in the robot mode) forward.
  4. Point each foot down.
  5. Lift up the panel on the back.
  6. Swing the legs forward a bit.
  7. Each arm is attached at the elbow to a piece that is attached to the torso piece. Left these slightly and swing them down so the shoulders are behind the hips.
  8. Rotate the upper arm pieces (now forming the top of the rear legs) around so the shoulders point up.
  9. Push the back panel down.
  10. Push the panel over the beast mode head down.
  11. Swing the side panels down and push them in.
  12. Connect the robot shoulder sections to the tabs on the back of the beast mode.
  13. Swing the front legs down.
  14. Rotate the forearm and robot hands around to form the rear legs.
  15. Attach the tail/weapon to the back.

For some reason when I transform my copy of this figure the panel that forms the top of the beast mode head is always lifted slightly on the left side while it lines up well on the right side. This is not how he appears in official photos or some fan photos I've seen. I am unclear on whether or not this is just a weird flaw with my copy or something that is more line-wide.

Beast Mode:
The original Snarl/Tasmania Kid action figure was supposed to be a Tasmanian Devil in beast mode, but many of his design elements seemed different than the real life creature. He had giant ears that look quite different than the ones on a real life Tasmanian Devil and a poofy looking tail that is a bit different than the curved, pointed tail seen on real life Tasmanian Devils. This sculpt looks a lot more like photos I've seen of the real life animal including having a medium size snout, smaller, pointed ears and a tail that curves and comes to a point at the end.

This mode is meant to be Tasmania Kids' disguise as an organic animal, so all the details look like fur, claws or teeth. Aside from a bit of the robot mode chest sticking out in front, this figure does a great job of looking like an animal. From front to backis a nicely sculpted fur pattern and each paw has claws at the ends. His mouth has rows of teeth inside, giving him a fierce appearance that carries over from the Beast Wars days.

This mode mostly shows off brown plastic with some dark grey peeking out in the back. He has a bold stripe of black paint going down his back with ab it used for his nose. There is a beautiful dark grey spray op on the front legs. I wish they had done something similar with the line going down his back but regardless the colors are really bold and look great.

There are seven points of articulation in this mode. This includes two points on each rear leg and one on the front legs. His mouth can open and close, which is a fun little detail. I do wish the front legs had more articulation, but given the limitations of the Core Class it is understandable that they don't.

Final Thoughts:
If you're into the Beast-era of Transformers figures, Tasmania Kid is a great figure to add to your collection. He represents the aesthetic of that era perfectly and pays homage to two different characters of that time. I also appreciate how both the aesthetics and transformation nod to the original toy(s) this is based on. It's not a perfect figure, but it's pretty great. Recommended!


  • Excellent sculpt in both modes.
  • Good articulation and fun weapon that pays homage to the original figure(s).
  • Nice deco.


  • Could use a bit more articulation in beast mode.
  • Some folks may not like the "false jaw" piece on the torso.

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