"Generations" Power of the Primes Legends Class Dinobot Slash Toy Review


Official images and text below in italics are from BigBadToyStore:
The Autobots and Decepticons use Prime Masters to wield the incredible powers of the legendary bots who shaped the universe: the Primes. Prime Masters carry the spark of a Prime, allowing them to share a Prime's godlike ability with other bots. How will the elite Dinobot tracker wield this epic power? Anything is possible and everything is at stake when the Power of the Primes is unleashed!

Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Legends Class figures are 3.75-inch-scale figures. When this Legends Class Dinobot Slash figure is in raptor mode, Prime Master figures can ride on the figure's back. Prime Master figures are each sold separately.

The original Dinobot team was introduced in 1985 as a group of surly and powerful warriors who sometimes caused the Autobots just as much trouble as the Decepticons. These transforming robot dinosaurs were an instant hit with fans, and most fans remember them fondly to this day. Over the years the Dinobots have popped up again either in name or as homages to the originals. These included "Energon" Grimlock and Swoop, "Animated" Grimlock, and even a new team of Dinobots in the "Beast Machines" series (whose members included Dinotron and Triceradon). However, it has not been until now that a "G1" based toy line such as "Generations" has added a new member to the core Dinobot team. Joining the original Dinobots in "Power of the Primes" is Dinobot Slash who transforms into a raptor!

Dinobot Slash is packaged in blister card style packaging. The card features the "Transformers" logo in the front against a black background with the "Generations" logo above that. Most of the card is taken up by Slash's artwork with a smaller "Transformers" logo on top, almost like a watermark. This is all new artwork based on the figure in the packaging. The art is colored in a beautifully painted fashion that recalls the artwork from G1 toy packaging but more dynamic, with Slash coming "at" you. The figure is in robot mode inside the bubble with a collector's card behind him. The insert in front shows a photo of the figure in beast mode with the name "Dinobot Slash" printed next to an Autobot symbol. The back of the packaging features a grey grid with CG renders of the figure on top in both modes. Overall it's really cool packaging and I'm happy the art features so prominently.

The "Power of the Primes" figures from Legends Class up come with collectors cards. However, unlike the "Titans Return" cards which featured tech spec stats, these focus on what ability the character gets if they connect to a specific Prime Master Spark. This means there are thirteen potential card variations per character (one for each Prime)! In my copy of the Slash figure I received the "Solus Slash" card indicating when powered by Solus Prime she can forge "undetectable weapons"! In an apparent error, the card has the same blurb about her ability printed in English four times instead of English and three other languages.

Robot Mode:
When creating Slash, the designers of this figure appear to have started with the G1 aesthetic of the Dinobots and treated Slash as if she was the "missing member" of the team. Instead of having a different design, she has a lot of the core Dinobot design elements that show up in almost all of the original five. This includes round shoulder sections (found on all but Swoop in the original team), the head with a crest and visor eyes (seen most notably on Slug) and angled, blocky looking sections on the torso. The legs seem to call back a bit to Swoop's with a relatively thin design and bits on the lower legs that look some type of machinery. The thin legs do give Slash a more diminutive appearance than her fellow Dinobots, but being a Legends Class figure and a raptor in her alt mode this makes sense and does not diminish how powerful she looks. This is thanks in part to how wide her upper body is from shoulder to shoulder. These design cues really help one visually connect this character with her teammates and I am glad the designers did not go in some crazy direction with the aesthetics (like say, the movie Dinobots).

Kudos also go to the designers for making a robot design for a female character that does not look like a comic book drawing of a female superhero from the 1990's. If they had released this figure as a "male" Transformer I don't think anyone would have batted an eyelash. It's not that such designs are unwelcome, but we have had examples of them in the past already with figures like Arcee and Windblade so it is nice to have some variety.

Dinobot Slash's "Dinobot aesthetic" is not just reflected in the sculpt but the colors as well. She is molded in silver, red, black and translucent yellow plastic. These are the same basic colors that are used for Slug (and the other upcoming Dinobot figures including Sludge and Snarl). Even the general placement of the colors is similar to other Dinobots. This includes the head, fists, thighs and feet being black while the shoulders, forearms and lower legs are silver (thanks in part to silver paint in some sections). The torso is red plastic with silver and black deco on it. The lower legs have some gold and red paint on them as well. Another Dinobot characteristic represented here are the eyes being painted red with a silver face. This too is similar to the other Dinobots. A nice finishing touch is a red Autobot symbol painted on the chest. If the sculpt did not already give away Slash's team affiliation, these colors surely would!

There are fifteen points of articulation on this figure including three in each arm and four in each leg. Her fists have 5mm ports, allowing you to attach weapons from other figures (since she does not come with any of her own).

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  2. Swing the black pieces on the bottom of the forearms up. The tab on them snap into the bottom of each hand, creating the beast mode feet.
  3. Swing the tail on the back up over the head.
  4. Rotate the arms up to form the rear legs.
  5. Swing each foot into the lower legs.
  6. Rotate the thighs around.
  7. Push the lower legs together, then swing them back and attach them to the tabs on the robot chest.
  8. Move the beast mode arms up.
  9. Open the panel on the back, then swing out the beast mode head, then push the panel back into place.

Beast Mode:
Dinobot Slash's beast mode is a robotic Velociraptor which is reminiscent of "Beast Wars" Dinobot's beast mode. This is not a modern day raptor with feathers and so on. This appears to be more of a "Jurassic Park" style raptor who looked more like a big lizard-like creature with big claws. The claws made so famous by "Jurassic Park" are found on this figure. The feet each have a large claw on the inside and the hands have claws sculpted into them (you can actually see each digit too!). There are some really nice details including distinct sections on each tail and some "circuitboard" like detailing on the back panel. In a really nice design touch, both the back panel and the head have details painted in gold under the clear plastic. This gives the illusion of machinery underneath a clear layer. This echoes a design feature of the G1 Dinobots that has carried over to their modern day counterparts in "Power of the Primes"! I love that even the newest member of the Dinobot team has this detail.

This form shows off all the same colors seen in robot mode, but now you get more translucent yellow plastic on the head and back. The eyes are painted red and the sides have some silver paint on them. Like the robot mode, her colors show her Dinobot association perfectly.

There are ten points of articulation in this mode, eleven if you want to count the ability of the tail to move up and down as part of the transformation. This includes three on each leg and two on the head (neck and jaw). To keep the Prime Master play pattern consistent across the price points, you can lift up the panel on the back to reveal a seat for either a Titan Master or a Prime Master! This is a great way to add play value to the figure and it is genuinely fun.

Final Thoughts:
Dinobot Slash is a fantastic addition to the Dinobot team and a fun surprise in a line that is mostly homages to older characters. She has the look of a Dinobot both in her sculpt and deco design. I am sad that she does not combine with Volcanicus in any way (even as a weapon), but I still think fans of "Generations" or Dinobots should add this clever girl to their collection!


  • Great G1 Dinobot inspired sculpt.
  • First female Dinobot action figure.
  • Fantastic deco choices, especially the clear plastic with gold paint.
  • Good articulation.


  • Does not transform into any type of armor or weapon for Volcanicus.

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