"Cyberverse" Deluxe Class Optimus Prime Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: December 2019
Price Point: $19.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Target, Walmart, Amazon etc.)
Accessories: Blast Effects x 2, Rifle, Maccadam Arm

*Images and text below from The Official Transformers Web Site:
The battle between heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons continues on the Cyberverse animated series! Discover the unique powers and skills of each Cyberverse character, and see how those powers will be used to defend Cybertron… or threaten it.

Easily convert and attack with Transformers Cyberverse Deluxe Class figures (Each sold separately)! Simply convert Optimus Prime figure from robot to truck mode in 13 steps. The last step of conversion activates the figure’s Matrix Mega Shot attack in both robot and truck mode! Once converted, move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps.

Kids can collect other Deluxe Class figures, each sold separately, to discover the signature attack moves of favorite characters from the Cyberverse series -- one of the best ways to introduce young kids and new fans to the exciting world of Transformers!

Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Includes: figure, 2 accessories, build-a-figure part, and instructions.
  • 5-INCH OPTIMUS PRIME FIGURE: Optimus Prime figure is an impressive 5 inches tall.
  • 2-IN-1 CONVERTING TOY: Easy Transformers conversion for kids 6 and up. Convert Optimus Prime toy from robot to truck mode in 13 steps. Makes a great gift for kids!
  • INCLUDES BUILD-A-FIGURE PIECE: Each Deluxe Class figure comes with one build-a-figure piece. Combine all the pieces to build a figure of Maccadam, the beloved character from the show (Maccadam figure does not convert)!
  • TRANSFORMERS CYBERVERSE CHARACTER: Classic blue and red Optimus Prime toy robot inspired by the Autobot noble leader from the Transformers Cyberverse cartoon, as seen on Cartoon Network and YouTube.
  • INSPIRED BY CARTOON NETWORK SHOW: In the G1-inspired Cyberverse series, giant Transformers robots from the planet Cybertron engage in epic battles, harnessing their powers to activate signature attack moves! Kids can imagine unleashing this new ability with this Deluxe Class figure!
  • Figure scale: 5 inches
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Warning: Choking Hazard - Small parts may be generated. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Maccadam figure does not convert.

Revealed at New York Comic-Con 2019, the Deluxe Class of Cyberverse figures was a pleasant surprise. Most of the Cyberverse line has focused on gimmicks that would lead to design sacrifices that left some fans frustrated. Even the Warrior Class figures came short of being more traditional Transformers figures. The Deluxe Class seek to fill this need in the Cyberverse line offering traditional transformations from a robot to vehicle mode with Generations style articulation. Even better, each figure would include a part of a "Build-a-Figure" of Maccadam, the legendary bartender of a mysterious bar on Cybertron originally introduced in the UK Generation One comic books.

Optimus Prime did not appear much in the first season of Cyberverse but in the second season he became the primary character most fans would expect. That said, he was certainly well represented in the toy line. The Optimus Prime figures released so far include:

While all the figures above have strengths and weaknesses, this Deluxe Class figure may be the first that lines up with the Generations style of figures featuring more articulation and no "action" gimmicks outside of transformation.

The packaging for the Deluxe Class Cyberverse figures takes some thematic cues from Generations. Instead of a bubble card or open packaging these figures are packaged in boxes. The boxes are quite striking, featuring mostly a purple background with yellow borders. Interestingly, these boxes bear a logo that says "Transformers Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures" which is quite a mouthful for a toy or show title. It has been said online that this is the international title for Cyberverse, which is possible and that is as good as an explanation as any.

The front of the box features a vertical Transformers logo on the right with an Autobot symbol above it. There is a "wear pattern" running across the logo which gives the background a hand painted look. Also in the front is a diagram of the Maccadam Build-a-Figure singling out the part that comes with Optimus Prime (an arm). One side of the box features Hot Rod, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee with the term "Deluxe Class" in four languages. The other side shows a rendering of Maccadam.

The back of the box features the figure in both modes, indicating a 13 step transformation. It also lists his function as "Noble Leader" in five languages. Towards the middle there is artwork calling out his "Matrix Mega Shot" referencing the accessories included with the figure. Maccadam is also shown fully assembled with numbers next to his respective parts. These eight parts are spread out across eight figures in two waves. Wave one features Optimus Prime, Megatron, Shockwave and Bumblebee. Wave two will have Hot Rod, Grimlock, Arcee and Thunderhowl (a new character).

Optimus Prime includes four accessories:

  • Rifle: This rifle is a thicker and slightly shorter version of the classic Optimus Prime weapon. It includes a vertical section in the back, a tube shaped barrel and small "clips" on the bottom. The front has a port that allows you to attach Blast Effects. There is a 5mm peg on the bottom for Optimus to hold the weapon. This piece is cast in metallic black plastic with no paint applications.
  • Blast Effects: At first it appears the Blast Effect is one piece featuring a long "blast" with a burst of energy at the end. This piece can actually be split into two. The longer piece has a peg at the back and a port in the front. The "burst" of energy has a peg in the back. These pieces are cast in translucent blue plastic.
  • Maccadam Arm: More on this piece once I have the whole figure assembled.

Robot Mode:
The Deluxe Class is new to Cyberverse so it is natural for fans to wonder about how this compares to previous classes. If you put this figure next to the Warrior Class Optimus Prime from last year, that figure winds up being slightly taller and bulkier looking. However, when you do a head to head weigh in (including all accessories) the Warrior Class figure weighs in at 2.2 ounces while this figure is 2.8, meaning in terms of sheer plastic, you are getting more with this figure even if some of that "extra" is distributed among the accessories.

The various Cyberverse Optimus Prime figures released so far manage to do a good job of representing the character from the cartoon, but this figure beats them all. Other figures often wind up making significant design sacrifices but since this figure just has to look good with good articulation the designers had the freedom to create a sculpt that looks like the cartoon model jumped off the screen. Everything from his wide and powerful looking silhouette to the smaller details like the triangles on his forearms, the windshield wipers on his chest and the circles on his waist are here. I absolutely love this sculpt. It looks amazing.

Optimus is made up of metallic red, metallic blue, silver and black plastic. The layout of the colors are very close to the animation model with only some slight differences, most notably on the waist area which is black as opposed to the grey used in the cartoon. There is a whole lot of paint on this figure. Silver is the most heavily used color. You'll find it on the smokestacks, the head, the arms and the torso. Blue is used on the eyes and the top part of the chest. The windshield windows are light blue. The lower legs have black in front and the feet have red and blue details on them. Black is used for some smaller detailing such as the windshield wipers on his chest. Sure the deco layout is missing a couple of details used in the cartoon, but for the most part this figure looks fantastic.

There are twenty three points of articulation on this figure. This includes five in each arm and leg. He even has ankles that can tilt! The articulation is laid out in such a way that Optimus can strike a lot of different poses. Just look at the photos above to see the types of poses you can put this figure into. This is easily one of the most highly articulated Transformers figures released at mass retail in years. I mean, he can even strike the classic "hero pose"! This is thanks in part to the ability to have his head look up and the waist swing forward. I have had a blast putting this figure into different poses.

But wait, there's more! Swing open the panels on his chest to reveal the Matrix chamber underneath! There is a Matrix sculpted in the figure. It is painted silver with light blue on the inside representing the "crystal". I absolutely love this detail, but even better you can attach the Blast Effects to the chest to create his "Matrix Blast"! Of course, you can also attach his rifle to either hand. You can also store it on his back. Like other Deluxe Class figures in this line, Optimus has a peg on each leg to accommodate Blast Effects.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing each of the fists into the forearms.
  4. Push each foot up into the lower legs.
  5. Push the lower legs together.
  6. Push the robot head back and down.
  7. Swing the back pack over the head.
  8. Swing out the headlight panels from under either side of the chest.
  9. Rotate the lower body around, then swing the legs back.
  10. On each forearm, swing out the panels on the lower parts of the forearms.
  11. Swing the shoulder sections back, then swing the forearms forward.
  12. Connect the tabs on the forearms to the corresponding slots on the thighs.
  13. Swing the grey panels on the forearms forward to form the front bumper.

Vehicle Mode:
Like the robot mode, the vehicle form carries over a lot of details from the animation model. This includes the boxy shape of the cab, angled headlight sections, a large front bumper and a grille with some very sleek looking lines going across. The back sections is obviously made up of the robot legs, but that is no different than the animation model so I'm okay with it.

The deco in this mode looks great. The red plastic mostly winds up in the front while the blue is in the back. This mode shows off a ton of silver paint including parts like the horizontal stripe down the sides, the grille, the sideview mirrors, the smokestacks and the "tanks" on the sides. The headlight sections have some black filled in with yellow on the headlights. Both sides feature Autobot symbols near the smokestacks. He is a couple paint applications short of looking perfect, but he comes really close.

The Blast Effect can attach to the back of the vehicle, making it look like it is using a rocket booster to gain extra speed. The blaster can attach to the section between the two smokestacks. The pegs for Blast Effects are exposed in the back so you can use them in this mode as well. For those curious, you can use the previously released trailer with this figure. Just put the front end of the trailer over the foot sections and it will stay in place.

Final Thoughts:
This figure is spectacular. It looks great in both modes and the articulation is outstanding. I love the ability to use Blast Effects and the Matrix Chamber is an excellent touch. If you only grab one figure in this wave, make it this one. Highly recommended!


  • Fantastic sculpt.
  • Excellent articulation.
  • Very nice deco.
  • Simple, intuitive transformation.


  • Missing a couple paint details.

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