Takara Tomy "Generations" Comics Index


Over the last several years, Takara Tomy has published several comic book stories online.  These stories usually coincide with the release of a new Generations Takara Tomy Mall exclusive figure.  These fun (yet sometimes very strange) stories take place in a universe where all sorts of characters can cross over with each other in a giant, unified continuity where almost every character and toy from Transformers history seems to have a place.  Working with fellow fan Doug Dlin, I have had some of these stories translated.  This section is devoted to the translations of these alternate Transformers comic stories.  Each series is associated with a character release, so they will be listed below in the order published online.

Super Megatron (April 2020)
For G1 fans who enjoy more obscure parts of Transformers lore, Super Megatron is a figure many fans never thought they would get.  The comic that was released with his pre-orders include appearances by the likes of Star Convoy!

God Neptune (May 2020)
The Seacon Pirates return in a dramatic story featuring both teams of Seacons.

Volcanicus (October 2020)
Focusing on events around a dramatic battle involving humans and Cybertronians, former allies wind up being pit against each other in an interesting story focused on the Dinobots.

Abominus (November 2020)
Released to coincide with the cartoon-color-based redeco of Abominus, this comic expands on a lot of history from the G1 era.