Rumor: "Legacy" Roadhauler to be released at Walmart

Here is a random piece of news (sent to me via fellow fan Phil Z.).  Without any fanfare, Walmart has posted a listing for "TRA GEN LEGACY VELOCITRON VOY ROADHAULER".  The reference to the Cybertronian colony of Velocitron is interesting and suggests perhaps some type of theme similar to the Netflix releases of the past at Walmart.  Roadhauler started as a one off Autobot appearance in G1 and would later become his own full

Toy News: Hasbro Officially Unveils "Legacy" Cybertron Metroplex

Having leaked many months ago, Hasbro has now officially confirmed that the next Titan Class figure will be Cybertron Metroplex! No, this is not the G1 city, but rather this is the character of the same name from the Cybertron series who came from the world of Gigantion where he served as the foreman. The figure represents a significant price bump for the Titan Class, going up to $199.99 with a release date of November 1, 2022.