Toy News: Walgreens Posts Listing for "Legacy" Minerva

After being listed (and selling out) on Hasbro Pulse weeks ago, the much anticipated Legacy Minerva is now listed on the Walgreens web site!  However, she appears only available for pick up right now (though I would contact your store first before traveling out there).  I recommend bookmarking this page and checking it often as traditionally the Walgreens exclusives sell out (then come back in stock only to sell out again).  For now, check out th

Toy News: Official Photos & Info for "Generations" Holiday Optimus Prime

First revealed at London Comic-Con 2022, our friends at Hasbro have sent along the official information and images of Generations Holiday Optimus Prime!  This holiday themed Optimus Prime features a new cab sculpt paired with a redeco of the Earthrise trailer.  Together the two form a team up for Holiday Cheer!  Check out the official info and pics below:

Toy News: Hasbro Launches "Victory" Deathsaber HasLab

In the Japanese exclusive series Victory, fans were introduced to the Emperor of Destruction known as Deathsaurus!  This powerful Destron/Decepticon transformed from a powerful robot to a giant Space Chicken Kaiju and was partnered with two "Breastmasters" Tigerbreast & Eaglebreast.  During the the Prime Wars trilogy fans had the chance to vote for Deathsaurus being made into (presumably) a Leader Class figure at the time, but that never came to pass.