Dinobot Adventures

Toy News: Official Photos and Product Information for "Dinobot Adventures" Dinobot Strikers

Back in June, photos of Dinobot Adventures toys appeared online featuring redecos of Rescue Bots Dinobot-style figures as new versions of the classic Dinobots. Somewhere between June and now Hasbro has posted product listings for these figures to their web site including product descriptions. We also have the official name of this sub-line of figures: "Dinobot Strikers"! These figures are listed with an MSRP of $4.99 each.

Toy News: Official Photos of "Cyberverse" Ultimate Class Hot Rod and Volcanicus

While the cartoon series ended about a year ago, the Cybervese toy line continues! Thanks to listings on Amazon, we now have photos of the upcoming Ultimate Class Hot Rod and Volcanicus figures. Hot Rod features the character with "Energon Armor" and staff weapon. Volcanicus meanwhile is a Cyberverse version of the Generations Volcanicus character. While the figure is not a Combiner, it looks like it is actually made up of several Dinobots and has an alt-mode!

Toy News: Amazon Lists "Dinobot Adventures" and "Dinobots Unite" Figures

As the latter half of 2021 rolls on, Transformers product is trickling out sometimes without any big announcements. Amazon has recently posted listings for several releases under the Dinobot Adventures banner. This line appears to be a standalone extension of the Rescue Bots line, using many of the sculpts from that line while not using its logo anywhere on its packaging. Also listed now are the "Roll N Change" figures first revealed back in June. Check out the listings and images from Amazon below.

Toy News: Stock Photos of "Rescue Bots" Spin-Off Line "Dinobot Adventures"

The folks at Autobase Aichi have posted a pile of what appear to be stock photos of an upcoming Rescue Bots spin-off series Dinobot Adventures! Most of these figures are direct redecos of previous Rescue Bots figures going back a few years. However, this time out the deco of many of these figures will look familiar to long time Transformers fans. They are largely based on the G1 Dinobots!