"Generations" War for Cybertron: Siege Refraktor Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: May 2019
Price Point: $19.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, Target, Walmart etc.)
Accessories: Blaster, Shield, "Rotor"

Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:

  • Build the ultimate battlefield - the generations War for Cyber Tron trilogy introduces an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). featuring classic G1 characters, War for Cyber Tron: Siege plunges fans into the epic fight to survive on the final day of the Autobot and deception battle to control Cyber Tron. The time of peace is gone. Cyber Tron is a war-torn battlefield, overrun by the Fighting between two factions: the deception resistance Army and the Autobot counter-resistance fighters
  • CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPON LOADOUT: Refraktor figure comes with a weapon accessory and 2 armor accessories. Multiple C. O. M. B. A. T. weapon ports on figure and vehicle enable weapon and armor accessories to attach in custom configurations.
  • EXPANDABLE WEAPON SELECTION: Fans can build bigger mission loadouts by compiling an arsenal of additional weapon accessories from other Siege figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).
    G1-INSPIRED CYBERTRONIAN ALT MODE: Deluxe Class WFC-S36 Refraktor toy features classic conversion between robot and Cybertronian spacecraft modes in 17 steps.
  • ADD BATTLE EFFECTS: Attach Fire Blasts accessories (not included. Included with Battle Masters figures. Each sold separately. Subject to availability) to the ends of weapon accessories to simulate blasterfire coming from weapon.

Build the ultimate battlefield with Siege figures. Siege plunges fans into the epic fight to survive on the final day of the Autobot and Decepticon battle to control Cybertron. The Decepticon resistance army and the Autobot counter-resistance fighters gear up with the C. O. M. B. A. T. (Cybertronian Omnifuctional Modular Battlefield Assault Tech) System, the universe's most advanced modular weaponry -- including the sneaky Decepticon army raider and recon specialist, Refraktor. The Deluxe Class WFC-S36 Refraktor figure comes with HPR Telefocal Shield, EMM Distortion Blaster, Bioscale Compression Rotor accessories. Figure features multiple C. O. M. B. A. T. System weapon ports to attach weapons, enabling custom configurations in bot and vehicle modes. This WFC-S36 Refraktor figure can form the iconic Refraktor camera mode when combined with 2 additional WFC-S36 Refraktor figures (each sold separately. Subject to availability). Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

In 2018 the "Power of the Primes" line finished off the "Prime Wars Trilogy" which had begun with "Combiner Wars". To kick off a whole new G1 inspired series of "Generations" figures, a new line known as "War for Cybertron: Siege" started in late 2018 (with a planned wide release in 2019). The traditional Deluxe Class of figures continues in "Siege".

Refraktor is the current name for the Decepticon known in G1 as Reflector (due to trademark issues, I'm sure). While there was a G1 Reflector toy (made up of three distinct robots) he has only seen a couple modern day releases. One was a "Micromaster partner" style release with Generations Skrapnel and the other was a Botcon exclusive figure. This is the first time the character has received a standalone modern day release as something on the mass market. I actually wound up obtaining this figure after the Refraktor Fan Channel Exclusive 3-Pack so you'll want to check out that review to see my more detailed thoughts on the figure. This review will focus on the differences between that release and this one.

Taking a cue from "Studio Series", the Deluxe figures in "Siege" are packaged in boxes instead of the traditional bubble card used for Deluxe Class figures. These boxes are beautiful featuring an unusual shape with one flat side and one angled side. While elements of previous packaging are still found on the boxes (ex: the vertical Transformers logo, the "Generations" logo, a largely black background etc.) there is a lot more added on. First, the background is not solid black. There are designs on it that look like sparks or perhaps embers from flames On the angled side is the character's package art. In this case it shows Refraktor posed as if he is facing off with an enemy. The figure itself is in robot mode behind a clear plastic window. To the left is a chevron with the character name. Below that is the "War for Cybertron: Siege" logo.

The back of the packaging shows Refraktor in both modes indicating a seventeen step transformation. He is also shown holding a Battle Master as a co-sell. In the corner it shows three Refraktors combined into his camera mode and it recommends purchasing three to form the device.

In a fun extra, shining a black light on the packaging will reveal Cybertronian glyphs. Input them on Hasbro's "Teletraan-1" web site and you get a translation. In Refraktor's case his glyphs translate to "REFLECTOR", the character's original G1 name. This unlocks a page that tells you his function (Decepticon Recon), location (Helex) and location data (Decepticon stronghold. One of the first cities to fall during the Decepticon revolution.). It also unlocks a video featuring the figure and a wallpaper that looks like a metal wall with images of Reflector/Refraktor in camera mode etched into it along with a giant Decepticon symbol.

Refraktor includes three accessories. Each of these was also included with the Refraktor Reconnaissance 3-Pack as well (in different colors):

  • HPR Telefocal Shield: This curved piece serves as a shield and part of the vehicle mode with this figure. The shield has a 5mm peg that can attach to either Refraktor's hands or shoulders. If you purchase three Refraktors, the three curved pieces combine into the camera lens. This piece is cast in silver with a red stripe painted towards the middle.
  • EMM Distortion Blaster: This blaster is the same design as the one included with the Reconnaissance 3-Pack. It is a pretty large blaster with three 5mm pegs and a port in the front to accomodate Blast Effects. The bottom has a curved piece that looks like an artillery drum. If you have three Refraktor figures, these weapons combine to form the camera mode's tripod stand. This piece is cast in silver with no paint applications.
  • Bioscale Compression Rotor: This is the round piece that can connect to the torso or any other 5mm port on the figure. This piece is cast in silver with no paint applications.

Robot Mode:
When fans think of G1, characters like Optimus Prime, Starscream and Grimlock are standouts but not everyone remembers that Reflector was actually on the show from the very beginning. However, when the character was introduced in the animation the designers changed quite a bit from the original Microman Camera Robo toy. Instead of three distinct robots, they took one basic design and gave it to all three members of the team giving one of the Reflector "triplets" the "camera lens" on his torso with raised sections flanking the robot head. It is those designs that this figure uses as its foundation.

The colors on this figure also use the animation colors as its foundation. This figure is made up of silver, lavender and clear plastic. Paint applications include silver on the torso, face and legs and some red lines on the arms and legs. The eyes are also painted red. The chest has some green showing and the left shoulder has a purple Decepticon symbol on it. This may sound like a really simple paint job, and it is but it is also very faithful to the animation model and it looks great.

There are an awesome twenty four points of articulation on this sculpt, including five on each arm and six on each leg. If you want to count the ability of the arms to swing back, you can add two points to that total count. This sculpt has six 5mm ports to attach extra accessories. Four are on the arms, two are on the legs. This is in addition to the fist holes. Technically each inner leg also has a port but that does not make much sense to use in this mode. As part of the Siege line, the Refraktor sculpt also has three pegs that allow you to attach Blast Effects. One is on the right shoulder and there is one on each lower leg. Two ports on the bottom of his feet also allow you to attach Blast Effects to make it look like he is flying! I love how much play value there is in this figure.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing each fist into the forearms.
  4. Swing the robot head back.
  5. Rotate the waist piece around.
  6. Swing each robot foot down.
  7. Rotate each leg so the back of each leg faces the other.
  8. Swing out the skids.
  9. Attach one of the pegs on the back of a rifle to the 5mm port on the bottom of one foot, then line the other foot up and push them together.
  10. Rotate each elbow/forearm section inward so the 5mm ports on the forearms are facing forward.
  11. Swing the arms back and clip them into position.
  12. Swing the chest up, then swing out the clear panel inside.
  13. Swing the chest piece down, clipping the tabs on the clear section into the corresponding slots on the lower legs.
  14. Attach one of the zoom lens shields to the top of the vehicle towards the back.
  15. Attach one of the "Bioscale Compression Rotors" to the very back of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Refraktor's vehicle mode is what I like to call a "Because we said so." mode. This is presumably an aerial vehicle of some sort. In my mind I imagine it being an attack vehicle, partly because of the rifle sticking out in the front. The camera lens/shield piece in the back gives the impression of a giant thruster engine and there are "cockpit windows" in the middle. It helps that Siege takes place on Cybertron in the past, so this form can be as alien as Hasbro wants. Indeed, this is perhaps one of the least "Earth-like" vehicles in the whole line.

This mode mostly shows off the lavender color on the main body of the vehicle, while the blaster and shield pieces add some silver into the mix.

There are six 5mm ports in this mode. Two are on top, two on the bottom and two on the sides. There are also two 5mm pegs, one on each side towards the back. All three pegs for Blast Effects can be used here as well.

Transformation to Camera Mode:
If you purchase three Refraktors, you can combine them into the camera form. Each Refraktor essentially forms a cube and forms 1/3 of the camera. Here is how to make your Refraktor "camera ready":

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the head back.
  4. Swing each fist into the forearms.
  5. Swing the arms back.
  6. Swing the skids in the lower legs out.
  7. Rotate the waist around.
  8. Rotate the lower legs around.
  9. Move the forearms up over the elbows.
  10. Swing the legs up over the robot arms.
  11. Two of the Refraktors should have the legs pointing forward. The third forms the center and faces the other way. Connect them together using the pegs and ports on the sides.
  12. Connect the three shields together and connect the lens to the center of the camera.
  13. Connect the three blasters together to form the tripod.

Camera Mode:
Compared to the camera mode of the Refraktor 3-Pack, this one looks like it is missing a couple pieces because it kind of is. There is no cover over the center on top, no cover over the right side to look more like the side of a camera and there is no flash bulb. That said, it is neat that you can form the camera mode at all, and it still looks like a camera, just a very simple version of one.

This mode mostly shows off lavender colored plastic with silver in the middle (largely thanks to the lens). The center section also features some green, silver and red paint. The colors look great and very retro in some ways.

Final Thoughts:
Refraktor is a really cool figure. Part of what gives the sculpt so much play value is its simplicity. It is not overly complex and there are not a ton of parts hanging off of it. It is a simple looking robot with plenty of space to add on accessories. However, even if you buy three of these Refraktors you will not have all the same accessories as the Refraktor Fan Channel Exclusive 3-Pack. That said, the 3-Pack will cost you about $10+ more so there is a trade off.


  • Really beautiful sculpt (especially considering the relative simplicity of G1 Reflector's design).
  • Nice deco that pays homage to the G1 cartoon model.
  • Great articulation and play factor.


  • Missing a couple of the accessories that came with the three pack. If you intend to get three Reflectors to form the camera, you may as well invest a few extra dollars and get the boxed set.

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