"Generations" Legacy Evolution G2 Universe Sideswipe Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: July 2023
Price Point: $24.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: Walmart Exclusive (with limited quantities on Hasbro Pulse)
Accessories: Blaster, Shoulder cannon/weapon

Official images and text in italics below are from Hasbro Pulse
Unleash a storm of toxic destruction with the G2 Universe Sideswipe action figure! This converting Transformers action figure for boys and girls is inspired by the original color designs from the G2 toy line in the ‘90s. The bright color scheme of this Transformers toy is sure to stand out in any fan’s collection. This G2 Universe Sideswipe toy makes a great gift for Transformers fans and collectors. Look for more Transformers Legacy toys to add to your collection (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Includes: Figure, 2 accessories, and instructions.

  • TOXITRON COLLECTION: A collection of Transformers robots has risen out of the Toxic Sludge Swamps of Cybertron! Toxitron is unleashing radioactive mayhem with a team of toxic warriors
  • G2-INSPIRED DESIGNS: These action figures are inspired by some of the unreleased color designs from the original G2 toy line. Featuring bright neon color schemes, these figures will stand out in your collection
  • 2 EPIC MODES: Transformers action figure for boys and girls converts from robot to racecar mode in 16 steps
  • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: This G2 Universe Sideswipe toy for 8 year old boys and girls comes with 2 blaster accessories
  • CELEBRATE THE LEGACY: Transformers Legacy Evolution celebrates 40 years of Transformers history. Collect different characters to create your ideal Legacy lineup (each sold separately, subject to availability)

Ages 8 and up WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

In July of 2023 Hasbro and Walmart released a new Capsule program (i.e. a set of exclusive toys with a theme) based around the character of Toxitron. Inspired by an unreleased neon green and purple Optimus Prime redeco from Transformers Universe Hasbro decided to do something particularly wacky and base an entire capsule around the idea of wild and bright colors on both the action figures themselves and their packaging. The idea is that all the Autobots and Decepticons with crazy color schemes emerged from a Toxic Sludge Swamp on Cybertron, explaining their decos.

In the latter days of Generation 2, Hasbro had many ideas for redecos of existing toys to release as part of the toy line. Those ideas would largely be abandoned to launch Beast Wars Transformers, but when the "Transformers Vault" book was released fans were treated to the sight of a very amusing mock up of Sideswipe's package art in yellow and blue colors with (I'm not kidding) cloud and sun designs on his chest and arms. You can see this artwork below. It is this artwork that became the basis of this figure.

This figure is based on the sculpt that began as Siege Sideswipe and would eventually get a new deco with some retooling as Kingdom Sideswipe. This figure also utilizes the head sculpt originally used for Kingdom Red Alert and later Clampdown. You'll want to check out those reviews as this review will focus on the changes made to the figure for this release.

The Toxitron Collection is technically part of the Legacy Evolution sub-line of Generations so it takes a lot of its packaging design cues from that line including the angled shape of the box, the giant “Legacy Evolution” logo and the use of the character’s alt mode in front of the box. However, the designers decided to really go with the 90’s G2 inspired theme and color the packaging as if it were a neon “black light” poster. The background is very dark while Sideswipe's illustration (both robot and vehicle modes) feature him in bright, neon colors. It’s a really fun, creative way to make the packaging distinctive for this capsule program.

The back of the box shows Sideswipe in both modes calling out a 16 step transformation. It also features a design that looks like sludge with a “toxic” symbol with a G1 Autobot symbol in the middle. The packaging also specifically calls out Sideswipe as being from the G2 Universe (complete with G2 Autobot symbol) in case anyone had any doubt if this release was a homage to that era of Transformers toys.

Sideswipe includes three accessories, all from previous releases of the figure. Two are the "rocket launcher" (non working) and "rocket/blaster" that were included with Siege Sideswipe. The rocket is slightly retooled from previous releases, though I'm not clear why as it does not attach any differently. He also includes a third weapon: a blaster using the same sculpt as the one included with Kingdom Sideswipe. The "rocket launcher" and the blaster are made up of green plastic. The rocket is made of yellow plastic but painted black except for the part that connects to the launcher.

Robot Mode:
This sculpt is basically the combination of sculpted parts used for Red Alert and Clampdown minus the emergency lightbar. This is an interesting choice as this is meant to be a version of Sideswipe, so you would think they would have used the Sideswipe head. Still, Sideswipe and Red Alert's heads look similar enough that this head can pass as Sideswipe so it's not a huge deal, it is just an interesting choice.

Sideswipe is made up of yellow, white and teal plastic. It is one loud combination of colors that demands to be looked at. Teal paint is used on the lower legs and head to match up with the conceptual package art. Silver is used on the feet. His right shoulder has a red G2 Autobot symbol, which I love since it really cements this figure as being from that "universe" (or time if you prefer). The eyes are painted yellow and the detail that really brings everything together is a tampograph on his chest featuring an orange sky, a yellow sun and clouds on top of it. This is probably one of the most unique designs on a Transformers figure released in the past few years (if not longer) and I absolutely love it. This deco screams 90's era fun design and it works with the theme of Sideswipe having been dunked into toxic sludge.

All the joints on my copy of this figure are nice and tight. The "rocket" accessory can attach to either end of the launcher, but on my copy of this figure it holds better when the tab sticking out the side is to the right. This could be a minute fault with mine and shouldn't be viewed as a mass problem.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing open the front panels on the lower legs.
  4. Swing the feet up into the lower legs.
  5. Rotate the waist around.
  6. Swing the front of the vehicle mode up.
  7. Swing the arms up.
  8. Swing the small panels on the back panel out.
  9. Swing the lower legs up over the thighs, then swing the lower leg panels back into place.
  10. Swing the arms down, then swing them up at the elbow.
  11. Swing the fists inward (but not all the way).
  12. Swing the arms into the bottom of the vehicle.
  13. Swing the flaps on the sides down.
  14. Swing the panel from the mid-body of the robot mode down.
  15. The weapons can be attached to the ports on the sides and top of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
There was never any concept art for this version of G2 Sideswipe in vehicle mode. Fortunately, so much of the vehicle mode is hanging off the robot mode that the designers had plenty to go on. Most of the vehicle is yellow but there is a gorgeous teal spray op at the rear of the vehicle. If you look at the concept artwork above, you'll actually see this fading pattern at the bottom of his legs. I am so happy the designers carried it over to this design as this type of deco is very rare on Transformers figures nowadays. The windshield/window/cabin cover section is made up of translucent blue plastic with yellow painted on top and along the sides. The doors have tampographs with an orange sky, clouds and sun on them and the sides of the wheels are painted silver.

This figure still has 5mm ports on the sides and top of the vehicle and all the weapons still fit nice and snug.

Final Thoughts:
If you count all the various versions of the base mold that started with Siege Sideswipe this will be the fifteenth iteration of that figure (I include Gigawatt in that count). Yet somehow I am not tired of it since the designers keep finding fun and interesting things to do with it. This is no exception. I love the wacky deco on this figure and the base sculpt is fun to begin with. Be warned however, this figure is only one per case so you may have to chase it a bit to get it. Recommended!

Update (July 24, 2023): Several fans correctly told me this is actually the fourteenth iteration of this sculpt, not fifteenth.  I stand corrected.


  • Excellent sculpt that has stood the test of time.
  • Super fun deco based on an unreleased figure.
  • All joints are still nice and tight.


  • The issue with the rocket not holding firm on one side of the launcher is a bit odd.

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