Toy News: Hasbro Unveils "Generations Selects" Transmutate

In a surprise afternoon reveal, Hasbro has opened up orders for a surprise Transmutate figure! Based on the character who appeared in the Beast Wars episode "Transmutate", the character made a huge impression on fans over the years even though she only appeared in one episode of the television show. This figure is a retool and redeco of Paleotrex featuring a new head and a deco based on her colors from the TV show, this is definitely one of the most unusual releases in Selects to date!

Pre-Order Alert: "Generations Selects" Deep Cover Up for Pre-Order

For several weeks now fans have been seeing leaks on social media for a Generations Selects Deep Cover action figure, a redeco of Siege Sideswipe. The colors are based on a Diaclone era variant of the mold used for Sideswipe in the G1 line and the character goes back to the era of e-Hobby releasing redecos of G1 reissues based on their Diaclone counterparts!