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TV Shows: New "Earthspark" Trailer Features Character Reveals & Alt Modes

Yesterday Nickelodeon released a brief EarthSpark trailer showing off several characters from the show in both modes.  The trailer also shows off previously unannounced characters including Arcee and Skullcruncher!  Check out the trailer below (along with screen caps in the gallery at the bottom of this post!).

TV Shows: "Transformers Earthspark" Trailer & Show Info Revealed at SDCC 2022

Today at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Hasbro released a new trailer for Transformers Earthspark, the upcoming animated show featuring some new and familiar faces in (presumably) a whole new Transformers continuity.  Hasbro has also provided the cast information for the show.  Below you'll find the official press release, embedded trailer and screen captures.  While a new show, you'll see a lot of nods to Generation One including a play on the name of a classic Marvel Comics issue!

TV Shows: The Sunbow Marvel Archive Updates with a huge number of new "G1" scripts

The Sunbow Marvel Archive is a fantastic fan run site "Dedicated to the preservation and showcase of scripts, storyboards and other production material from Sunbow Productions, Marvel Productions and their co-production partners.". They recently added a ton of material to their page in "Volume 5" and "Volume 6" updates. Here's the list of what they've added:

Entertainment News: Netflix debuts "BotBots" Cartoon Trailer

Hot on the heels of announcing the BotBots cartoon, Netflix has posted a trailer featuring our first look at the animation and characters in the show! If you have a Netflix account, going to the BotBots listing will auto-play the trailer, but Shawflix on Youtube has uploaded the trailer for a wider audience. Check it out in the embed below! BotBots is scheduled to debut on Netflix on March 25, 2022.