Toy News: "War for Cybertron" Netflix "Spoiler Pack" Spoiled

Yesterday Walmart and Hasbro Pulse launched a bunch of new pre-orders.  Among the figures revealed were a Walmart/Hasbro Pulse exclusive "spoiler pack" based on the Netflix animated series.   Each wave of the Netflix figures thus far has had a "spoiler pack" so this was to be expected.  What is surprising is that only one day after the reveal of the box, the Smythe's web s

Toy News: Netflix "Kingdom" Optimus Primal and Sparkless Seeker Multi-Packs Revealed

Thanks to the folks over at TFW2005 we have product images and descriptions of upcoming Netflix figures from Kingdom. Presumably these will be Walmart exclusives like the Siege and Earthrise Netflix figures before them. One pack features Optimus Primal with Rattrap. The Primal appears to be very similar to the Kingdom release.

Entertainment News: IGN Debuts a new "War for Cybertron: Earthrise" Trailer

The War for Cybertron series is set to debut its second season Earthrise on December 30 and with that date rapidly approaching the folks over at IGN have released a new trailer for the season and boy is there a lot happening! Check out the embedded trailer below to see a bunch of reveals in this spoiler-riffic and very exciting trailer.

Toy News: "War for Cybertron" Netflix Ultra Magnus on sale at Ollie's

With the Holiday Shopping season upon us, often toy sales emerge in unexpected places.  Thanks to fellow fan Erik P., we now have confirmation via circular that Ollie's stores will be carrying the War for Cybertron: Siege Netflix redeco for $24.99!  This figure was previously a Wal-Mart Exclusive, part of the first wave of "Netflix" figures.  Now fans (near an Ollie's) have a chance at getting this figure at a discount!  You can search for Ollie's locations here.