Beast Alliance

Toy News: Photos of "Rise of the Beasts" Optimus Prime with the LioConvoy inspired Lionblade

The Rise of the Beasts toy line debuted months before the film hit theaters.  The line introduced different play patterns including Battle Masters and Beast Combiners.   Back in April, it was revealed by other sites that a future Beast Combiner set would team up Optimus Prime with a LioConvoy inspired beast named Lionblade.  Now thanks to Canadian retailer

Toy Review: "Rise of the Beasts" Beast Combiner Optimus Primal & Skullcruncher

Rise of the Beasts figures continue to hit stores so today I bring you another review from the Beast Alliance line!  This time Optimus Primal and Skullcruncher have teamed up.  Why would a Maximal and Decepticon team up?  Who knows?!  What we do get is a fun little set.  Check out my review and gallery of Optimus Primal with Skullcruncher!