Rise of the Beasts

Toy News: Official Images of "Studio Series" Rise of the Beasts Cheetor - UPDATED

Amazon Australia has once again accidentally released an early look at a Rise of the Beasts action figure.  Overnight they put up (then took down) a listing for Voyager Class Rise of the Beasts Cheetor.  It is possible the figure could be revealed soon by Hasbro the same way Airazor was.  For now, enjoy the pics taken from Amazon Australia in the gallery below!

Toy News: Behind the Scenes Info & Images for "Studio Series" Core Class Arcee

King Samlock on Instagram (aka Sam Smith, a Hasbro Design Manager on Transformers) has posted a really nice behind the scenes look at the recently announced Core Class Studio Series Arcee figure coming out for Rise of the Beasts.  Check out his post mirrored below and embedded videos featuring turnarounds of the action figure!

Movie News: The Taronga Zoo Promo Campaign Features "Rise of the Beasts"

The Taronga Zoo in Sydney has posted a page dedicated to a new campaign geared towards conservation and promoting the upcoming Rise of the Beasts live action Transformers film! The page also has a banner that gives us a nice look at Optimus Prime, Cheetor and Optimus Primal from the film.  You can check out the images from the page below.  Here are some details right from the page:

Toy News: Possible First Look at "Rise of the Beasts" Cheetor & Wheeljack Figures

2023 is here and this summer Transformers fans will finally get to see the next live action Transformers film: "Rise of the Beasts"!  Among the characters in this film are Cheetor and Wheeljack.  Now thanks to Vice Grip X on Twitter we may have our first look at Deluxe Class figures of Cheetor and Wheeljack!  These have not been officially revealed yet, so of course take this news with a grain of salt.  For now, check out the images mirrored (with permission) from Twitter in the gallery below.