Vintage Beast Wars

Toy News: Reissue "Beast Wars" Cybershark Revealed

Thanks once again to the folks at In Demand Toys, we now have confirmation that there is another Beast Wars reissue on the way: Cybershark!  Originally released in 1997, Cybershark transformed from a bio-mechanical hammerhead shark to a fierce looking robot.  Among Beast Wars fans this one is a favorite and I'm sure many fans will love having the chance to get him again!  No release time frame or price has been given yet, but for now check out the pics below and you can see my review of

Toy Review: "Vintage Beast Wars" Optimus Primal

In 2021 Hasbro celebrated Beast Wars in part by reissuing several 90's Beast Wars Transformers action figures at Walmart!  One of these was the Ultra Class Optimus Primal, representing the character as he appeared in the television show.  Check out my review and gallery of this reissue. This review is not just a review of changes but a look at the figure with "fresh eyes" decades after the original release!