Revenge of the Fallen

Toy News: "Movie Masterpiece" 'Revenge of the Fallen' Starscream Revealed

Thanks to Daim Choc Reports we have our first look at Movie Masterpiece Starscream from Revenge of the Fallen.  These pics appear to be Takara Tomy promotional pics so it is likely that they will post an official listing soon.  The figure is a redeco of the previous Movie Masterpiece Starscream featuring a very different pattern than the previous release based on his appearance in the second live action Transformers film.  Until we get official info, check out the images in the gallery below!

Toy News: Hasbro Releases Pre-Orders for "Studio Series" Arcee, Galvatron, Sideways & Thundercracker

It's Transformers Tuesday and that means a bunch of new reveals and pre-orders are up! Today's reveals focus on the different eras of the Studio Series line including 1986 and the Bumblebee movie. Check out the product information (with affiliate and sponsor order links) and images below!

Toy News: "Micro Machines Transformers" In Stock on Amazon

Months ago it was revealed (in part by early in-store finds) that Micro Machines would be adding Transformers based vehicles to their collection of micro-sized, stylized vehicles. Little word has come out about these toys officially - until today! Hasbro has posted a stop motion animation of the Bumblebee Camaro/Playset for the vehicles and Amazon has posted a few listings for products available to ship now! Check out all the info, affiliate links to order and images below: