Toy News: Hasbro Reveals Beyblade X Transformers Tops

**Press Announcement**

During today's Hasbro Pulse Fanstream, Hasbro unveiled their first-ever collaboration for Beyblade with Transformers teaming up to create XTREME Tops with the Beyblade X Transformers Optimus Primal 3-60F VS. Starscream 3-80N and Optimus Prime 4-60P VS. Megatron 4-80B Multipack Sets! The fan-favorite Robots in spinning top form will be available for pre-order exclusively on Amazon TODAY, Tuesday, May 14 @1PM EST.

Toy News: Official Product Info, Stock Photos & Order Link for "Stranger Things x Transformers" Code Red

First revealed back in July 2023, fans of both Stranger Things and Transformers have been looking forward to "Code Red", featuring a pizza delivery van inspired by the one seen in the popular Netflix show who could transform into a heroic Autobot.  Now at long last Target has put up its official preorder page for this figure.  Code Red is $44.99 and due to ship on November 26, 2023.  Check out the officia

Toy News: Official Images, Info & Preorder Links for "Collaborative" Frankentron

Over two hundred years ago the author Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein (aka The Modern Prometheus). This novel focused on a young scientist named Victor Frankenstein who would create a sentient creature known as "Frankenstein's Monster" (pop culture often misidentifies the creature as Frankenstein himself). Many consider this work one of the first published works of science fiction. The Transformers franchise is full of references to life being created and characters being built out of necesity.

Toy News: Hasbro Reveals "Transformers x Stranger Things" Collaborative Figure

It has been a while since a new property has been added to the pantheon of Transformers x Collaborative crossovers.  Now we have a surprise: Transformers x Stranger Things!  Revealed as part of San Diego Comic-Con 2023, this figure transforms from the Surfer Boy Pizza truck to "Code Red"!  Check out the official product info and images below:

Toy News: Pre-Orders Up for "G.I. Joe/Transformers" Soundwave Dreadnok Thunder Machine, Zartan & Zarana

In a surprise reveal, Hasbro has launched pre-orders of the next Collaborative Transformers set!  This time out it is a new G.I. Joe/Transformers set featuring Soundwave transforming into the Dreadnok Thunder Machine with Ravage, Zartan & Zarana!  Check out the official images and info below along with links to order the set (and support BWTF)!