Ultra Class

Toy News: Official Photos for "Cyberverse" Ultra Class Ramjet

A few weeks ago a photo popped up online showing a previously unknown Ultra Class Ramjet figure from the Cyberverse toy line.  While the character has appeared as a smaller figure, this was the first in a larger scale for the line.  Now thanks to a listing on Amazon, we have official photos for this figure!  There is no official description on Amazon and no listing exists on Hasbro's web site.  This figure is priced at $20.99 on Amazon and is due to ship soon.  For now, enjoy the photos below:

Toy News: Walmart and Hasbro Pulse Post Pre-Orders for "Vintage Beast Wars"

For fans of the original Beast Wars Transformers series, it has been an exciting day!  Earlier today both Walmart and Hasbro Pulse put up preorders for the four Vintage Beast Wars figures: Cheetor, Megatron, Optimus Primal and Rattrap!  Check out the official product descriptions and images below (along with links to the pre-order pages):