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Toy News: Takara Tomy Images of "Beast Alliance" 'Beast Weapons'

Pre-orders went up today in Japan for a huge assortment of Takara Tomy's "Beast Awakening" (aka "Rise of the Beasts") offerings.  Thanks to the listings, we now have lots of additional images of previously revealed figures to enjoy!  This includes the Battle Master assortment featuring Cheetor, Rhinox and Skullcruncher as mini-figures that transform into weapons!  Below I've pasted the product info (via Google Translate) and mirrored the images from Amazon Japan.  The Beast Weap

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals "Burning Plasma Blaster" Campaign

There is a long history of Takara Tomy running special exclusive campaigns in Japan featuring smaller sized figures being made available at specific retailers.   One of their largest campaigns was the Arms Micron one in 2012.  With their launch of the Rise of the Beasts/Beast Awakening site, they have announced a campaign in the spirit of that tradition.  Launching in mid-April 2023, fans who purchase 5000 Yen (about $38.12 USD) in Beast Awakening toys will receive

Toy News: "Shattered Glass" Flamewar Revealed

In 2005 I helped to introduce a new character into the Transformers universe: Flamewar!  This Decepticon was fanatically devoted to Megatron with a wicked cool deco.  Over the years she has popped up here and there in Transformers toys and lore, but this is perhaps her most unexpected reveal yet: in Shattered Glass!  This reinterpretation of the character features her as a Heroic Decepticon in the topsy turvy world of Shattered Glass features a very true-to-original deco in black with flames.  She features a red Decepticon symbol, so she likely "belongs"

Toy News: Official Product Images & Info for "Kingdom" Jackpot with Sights

Yesterday Hasbro Pulse and Amazon unleashed a new release in its "Golden Disk" Collection: Jackpot with Sights! Who you may ask? Jackpot was a G1 Action Master released at the end of that era. While the figure did not transform, it was clear form his design that he once could transform into a car. He was partnered with Sights, a bird-bot who transformed into his weapon. Now Jackpot has returned in a transformable body (a redeco/retool of Studio Series Jazz) with a redeco of Pteraxadon as Sights!

Toy News: In Demand Toys Reveals "Generations Selects" Artfire

Hasbro is holding an online event on Friday, so fans knew some news was on the way this week and now it looks like we may have a clue as to at least one piece of news: the upcoming release of Generations Selects Artfire! Thanks to the folks at In Demand Toys we now have our first look at official photos of Artfire with his Targetmaster partner and Blast Effects!

Toy News: Netflix "Kingdom" Optimus Primal and Sparkless Seeker Multi-Packs Revealed

Thanks to the folks over at TFW2005 we have product images and descriptions of upcoming Netflix figures from Kingdom. Presumably these will be Walmart exclusives like the Siege and Earthrise Netflix figures before them. One pack features Optimus Primal with Rattrap. The Primal appears to be very similar to the Kingdom release.