"Generations" War for Cybertron: Siege Brunt Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: May 2019
Price Point: $19.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth etc.)
Accessories: Cannon barrel, Cannon End

Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:

  • Build the ultimate battlefield: discover an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures and weapon accessories with Siege figures. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).
  • Compatible weaponized weapons equip other figures: weaponized figure breaks apart into 9 weapon accessories that can equip other Siege figures (sold separately. Subject to availability).
  • Customizable weapon selection: multiple C. O. M. B. A. T. System weapons ports in Bot and vehicle modes allow fans to attach weaponized weapons to other Siege figures (sold separately, subject to availability) in custom weapon load out configurations.
  • Inspired cybertronian Alt Mode: articulated deluxe class wfc-s37 brunt toy features classic conversion between robot and cybertronian tank modes in 23 steps.
  • Add battle effects: attach fire blasts accessories (not included. Included with battle Masters figures. Each sold separately. Subject to availability) to the ends of weapon accessories to simulate blaster fire coming from weapon.

Build the ultimate battlefield with siege figures. Siege plunges fans into the epic fight to survive on the final day of the Autobus and deception battle to control Cybertron. The Deception resistance army and the Autobus counter-resistance fighters gear up with the C. O. M. B. A. T. (Cybertronian omni functional modular battlefield assault Tech) system, the universe's most advanced modular weaponry -- including the Emotionless deception army Raider and weaponized, Brunt.

The Spring of 2019 brought fans a new assortment of Deluxe Class figures in Siege. One of these releases was Brunt. Like Sixgun, Brunt is meant to go along with a Titan Class figure. In this case Brunt is one of Trypticon's henchmen (henchbots?). He was not included with Titan Class Trypticon, so this figure helps "complete" the set of characters that were associated with the original Trypticon.

Taking a cue from "Studio Series", the Deluxe figures in "Siege" are packaged in boxes instead of the traditional bubble card used for Deluxe Class figures. These boxes are beautiful featuring an unusual shape with one flat side and one angled side. While elements of previous packaging are still found on the boxes (ex: the vertical Transformers logo, the "Generations" logo, a largely black background etc.) there is a lot more added on. First, the background is not solid black. There are designs on it that look like sparks or perhaps embers from flames On the angled side is the character's package art. In this case it shows Brunt in robot mode looking like he is about to hit someone with his claw hand! The figure itself is in robot mode behind a clear plastic window. To the left is a chevron with the character name. Below that is the "War for Cybertron: Siege" logo.

The back of the box shows Brunt in both his robot and tank modes. It also shows him disassembled into his component parts. In the corner are several of Brunt's parts attached to Refraktor. He is shown as having a twenty three step transformation.

In a fun extra, shining a black light on the packaging will reveal Cybertronian glyphs. Input them on Hasbro's "Teletraan-1" web site and you get a translation. In Brunt's case his glyphs translate to "TRYPTICON". This is a neat little feature. Enter that into the Teletraan-1 site and you get a brief profile for Brunt (including a write up on Trypticon), a wallpaper of the character art and a video featuring the figure.

Brunt does not so much have accessories as he is a bunch of accessories. That said, he does have a cohesive robot mode with a cannon weapon. The cannon is partly based on the end of G1 Brunt's cannon. The end is painted a copper color (calling back to the orange on G1 Brunt's cannon) and the piece behind it is grey plastic. The peg and ports that hold these pieces together are 5mm, allowing them to be used with other figures in the line.

Robot Mode:
G1 Brunt did not have a robot mode. He simply "transformed" from his tank mode by splitting up into various ports to form sections of Trypticon in his city and battle station modes. This time out Brunt does get a robot mode, and the source of the design is a bit of a surprise. The source of this robot mode design is the Centurion Droid from the IDW Publishing comic books! Given that the Centurions transformed into tanks, using their robot design for Brunt made perfect sense. This figure borrows many of the Centurion's design elements including:

  • The head design is round with a single "visor" eye and a mouth piece with several horizontal lines running through it. This design appears to be inspired in part by the Battlestar Galactica Cylons and perhaps a bit of Tankor.
  • The chest has a middle section that sticks out while the sides of the chest have vertical pistons on them.
  • Each arm features forearms made up of tank treads and claws.
  • Both shoulders have a row of lights mounted on top.
  • The cannon sits behind the left shoulder.
  • The sides of the thighs feature tank treads.
  • The middle of the waist area features two circles set vertically.

The end result is a fantastic looking sculpt. Brunt looks brutal and evil, which lines right up with his powerful sounding name. I think using the Centurion design as the inspiration from Brunt was a stroke of brilliance on the part of Hasbro and Takara.

Unlike the Centurion in the comic books, Brunt is mostly purple and grey plastic. Gunmetal grey, silver, yellow and red paint are used to add detailing to a surprising degree. Sure the lights on the shoulders are painted yellow, but the legs also have yellow and silver details on them. The gunmetal grey is used on the forearms, giving them a nice worn and industrial appearance. A tampographed Decepticon symbol is on the chest and his eyes are painted red. Overall this is a really good deco, especially for a figure that is a "partsformer".

There are twenty two points of articulation on this figure. This includes five in each arm and leg. This mode also has eleven 5mm ports where you can attach accessories from other figures. Each shoulder has a smaller peg to attach Blast Effects to make it look like Brunt is being hit with weapons fire. There is a lot of potential to load Brunt up and/or connect him to other figures offering up a lot of play value.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the cannon weapon and separate the two pieces that form the weapon.
  2. Swing each arm up out to the sides.
  3. Push each claw thumb in.
  4. Rotate the arms so the sides of the tank treads face forward.
  5. Push the forearms in against the shoulders.
  6. Push the lower legs together.
  7. Detach the turret base on the back.
  8. Swing the lower legs back a bit.
  9. Attach the turret base to the thighs.
  10. Rotate the waist around 180 degrees.
  11. Push the head down.
  12. Swing the chest section up.
  13. Detach the arms.
  14. Rotate the shoulder pieces so the "lights" are in alignment with the top of the treads.
  15. Reattach the arm pieces.
  16. Rotate the figure around and push down the peg in the middle of the chest section.
  17. Detach the lower legs.
  18. Swing each of the pegs at the knee area against the thighs.
  19. Attach the right leg to the turret base.
  20. Swing out the peg on the bottom of the left leg and connect it to the right leg.
  21. Attach the copper colored weapon barrel to the end of the main cannon.
  22. Attach the grey piece from the cannon to the 5mm port on the right side of the cannon.

Vehicle Mode:
Brunt's vehicle mode is heavily based on G1 Brunt's design. Similarities involve having two tread sections in the front with a smaller one in the back. The main cannon has a rectangular shape that resembles G1 Brunt's cannon design. Of course, being a Siege figure there are plenty of details sculpted into the figure (something the G1 Brunt did not have in abundance). Most of these details were visible in robot mode and just as they added to the visual richness of that form, they do the same here.

This mode shows off all the same colors as the robot mode, but some bits do get some more emphasis. For instance, the front treads have some silver "wear" on them along with purple paint on the sides of the wheels.

Unlike his G1 counterpart, Brunt can turn his cannon/turret section in a complete circle. The cannon can also tilt up and down. Each tread section has a small wheel on the bottom, allowing Brunt to roll along on smooth surfaces. There are eight 5mm ports in this mode, but a few of them are more meaningful than others. For instance, there are two at the base of the cannon, but there is not much clearance to fit weapons there. On the other hand, the sides of the front turrets have ports that are easily accessible. That said, it is fun to figure out what weapons you can attach, especially if you do not limit yourself to Siege weapons but rather any weapons with 5mm ports.

Weapon Mode(s):
Brunt "transforms" into his weapon modes basically by breaking apart into his individual bits. Once you do this, they break down into the following pieces:

  • TTC-HP Oblivio Launcher: This is formed by combining the two lower leg pieces into a cannon. The port in the front of the cannon can accomodate a Blast Effect to look like it is firing.
  • TTC-AD Vortex Cannon: Connect the chest/head section to the cannon barrel/end to form this large weapon. It can be attached to other figures using the peg on the robot chest.
  • TTC-AR Agonizer Blaster: This is the name for the grey piece that forms half the blaster weapon wielded by Brunt in robot mode. It has a peg to attach it to Transformers figures and a port in the front to connect it to other weapons.
  • TTC-CMA Microelectro Amplifier: This is the end of the blaster weapon used by Brunt in robot mode. The port in the front can accomodate Blast Effects to make it look like it is "firing" at enemies.
  • TTC-HD Turret Armor: This is the base of the turret section. The pegs on it allow you to attach it to other Transformers figures.
  • TTC-MD Hydraulic Mauler Claw: As you'd expect, this is the name for the forearm/claw pieces. They basically act as melee weapons when you attach them to other figures.
  • TTC-MFM Proximity Boost Module: Formed from the waist/hip section of the figure, this basically acts as a "bridge" piece, attaching to a Transformers figure while you attach weapons to the Module itself.

In addition to each individual weapon having a name and potential function, the designers offer up two suggested configurations for these parts in the instructions:

  • Demolition Loadout: Using Reflector as its example, attach the forearms/claws to the bottom of the feet. Combine the blaster weapon with the chest/head section and attach it to the right arm. The Turret Armor attaches to the left arm and the lower legs come together to form an "L" shape and attach to the back to create an over-the-shoulder cannon.
  • Serpentine Loadout: This involves attaching the lower legs and forearms/claws to the Proximity Boost Module and then attaching that to the back. The blaster weapon and Turret Armor are then attached to the arms.

I am glad Hasbro included these "suggested" configurations. They offer a nice start to utilizing the weapons aspect of this figure.

Final Thoughts:
Brunt is one of those figures that I am just happy to see made into a mass release. Trypticon felt like he was "missing" something in my book so having him and Brunt together "again" is awesome. The figure is full of potential play value and he looks great. Highly recommended!


  • Great sculpt which references two characters in one figure!
  • Good deco, especially in robot mode.
  • Good play value in all modes.
  • No issues with loose joints or connection points.


  • Some connection points do not have a lot of clearance spece, so you are limited in what you can connect (especially on the base of the turret).


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