"Buzzworthy Bumblebee" Skywasp Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: July 2022
Price Point: $73.99 (Multi-Pack that includes Goldbug, Ransack, Scorponok & Skywasp)
Retailer: Target Exclusive Accessories: Goldbug (Cannon pieces x 3, Skis x 2, Car trunk/shield), Ransack (Blaster, Energon Blades x 2, Alternate Head), Scorponok (Missile Piece, Cyberbee, "Mutant" Head), Skywasp (Stinger/Blaster, "Mutant" Head)

In July 2022 Target stores across the United States released the "Creatures Collide" four pack of figures, the latest addition to the (increasingly difficult to categorize) Buzzworthy Bumblebee collection of Target exclusive figures. There was never (and has yet to be) any official announcement about this set, but its existence was confirmed by In Demand Toys in the UK in June. As I write this review, the set has yet to even appear on Target's web site making it a bit of an anomaly. That said, this set is highly anticipated as it contains four Deluxe Class figures for $73.99 USD (a relative bargain nowadays). The four figures are:

  • Goldbug: A redeco and retool of the Netflix Bumblebee
  • Ransack: A redeco and retool of Legacy Kickback
  • Scorponok: A redeco of Kingdom Scorponok
  • Skywasp: A redeco of Kingdom Waspinator

With Goldbug and Ransack in this set, it became a must have if you wanted to add updated Generations style versions of these characters to your Transformers army.

"Creatures Collide" is being released at a time when Hasbro is working to remove plastic from their packaging as much as possible. Unlike the previous Buzzworthy Bumblebee four packs, this set is in a closed box. Instead of a window box showing all four figures inside, the designers created a beautiful piece of art in the front showing Bumblebee fighting against Ransack, Scorponok and Skywasp. The box has the yellow and black borders seen on all Buzzworthy boxes along with the "Evergreen" Bumblebee head in the lower left hand corner. The other side has the Generations and vertical Transformers logo along with the Buzzworthy Bumblebee logo. The Legacy logo hovers above the artwork which effectively places this boxed set into three categories at once. In my book I see this as a Generations set first, then Legacy and finally Buzzworthy Bumblebee. The center features the "name" of the set: "Creatures Collide". But wait, you may ask, isn't Goldbug a vehicle in his alt mode? Sure, but first off he is named Goldbug and second his vehicle mode is an official Volkswagon Beetle so the theme totally works!

The back of the box features each figure from left to right in the same order they appear on the artwork in front. Each figure has its transformation steps called out. Goldbug has twenty, Ransack has fourteen, Skywasp has twenty and Scorponok has twenty five. Behind each character is their faction symbol. In a bit of consistency with Kingdom, Skywasp and Scorponok both feature the modified Predacon symbol from Kingdom. Goldbug has the official Volkwagon logo next to him, indicating this is a fully licensed vehicle mode, a rarity nowadays in the Generations line. Overall this packaging is beautiful. If we must lose the plastic window, this is a cool way to do it!

During the Universe era of Transformers Hasbro looked to redeco what felt like every figure they could get their hands on. One of these planned releases was a "Halloween Horrocon Variety Pack" at Wal-Mart. One of these packs would have included a redeco of Transmetal Waspinator as a new version of the character from Beast Wars. While this version of Waspinator was never actually released, it did become a source of inspiration for Timelines Parasite figure at Botcon 2015. Now Hasbro has taken that inspiration to create a whole new character for the "Creatures Collide" set: Skywasp!

There is speculation that Skywasp is possibly a "Beast era" version of the G1 character Skywarp. I can see how fans may think this. Skywarp had black and purple colors, similar to Skywasp. Also, the name Skywasp is only one letter change away from being Skywarp. I don't feel strongly either way but it's cool to speculate!

Skywasp is a redeco of Kingdom Waspinator. The same sculpt was more recently released with a new head sculpt as Legacy Buzzsaw. Check out those reviews if you haven't already. This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release.

The Waspinator toy from Beast Wars had a missile launcher that doubled as his beast mode stinger. Skywasp has a very simplified weapon inspired by that launcher. Detach the end of his tail section and it forms his blaster. The weapon is designed with some mechanical detail on the bottom with a small point at the end. Unfortunately, likely due to cost cutting this weapon is unsuccessful in replicating the look of the TV show weapon. That weapon had small missiles sticking at at the end. Here there is no "end piece" which just makes the weapon look like it is missing a piece. Also a bummer - the end of the weapon cannot hold Blast Effects. This pieces is black plastic with gold bands painted on. It has one 5mm peg so figures can hold it.

Robot Mode:
Skywasp does not feature any major retooling, however in a really cool move Hasbro released this figure with both head sculpts! Since the heads are on ball joints, they can easily be popped on and off. By default he comes with his "Mutant Head" (the insect-like head that serves as Waspinator's head) but inside the packaging is his "Robot Head". I abolutely love the inclusion of the extra head. Hasbro did not have to do this as the extra deco on the second head does add cost to the set. On top of that, this set breaks down to about $20 USD per figure, a bargain given that Deluxes currently retail anywhere from $22-24.99 on average.

Using the original "Horrorcon Waspinator" figure as inspiration, Skywasp is made up of black, purple and translucent red plastic. Much of the center part of the body is black while parts like the forearms and lower legs are purple. Paint details include red, black and gold details. The red and gold really do a fantastic job popping against the black and purple. The head sculpts are really detailed, especially the "Mutant Head" which features red on the sides and on the antennae and gold in the middle. Even cooler? His eyes are translucent red plastic so they feature light piping! This used to be common in the Transformers toy line but it is uncommon nowadays. The "Robot Head" features metallic blue paint on the side flaps and gold on the face. Overall this deco is gorgeous featuring colors you do not often see together on Transformers figures.

The joints on my copy of this figure are just as tight as those on my Waspinator and Buzzsaw figures. The weapon fits in either fist without a problem.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Detach the tail weapon and set it aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the front and back halves of the feet together.
  4. Rotate the hands so the thumbs face up.
  5. Swing the chest/beast mode head up, then pull the entire top section (including the hinged sections with the robot head) forward.
  6. Swing the hinged piece with the robot head up, hiding the head between the back piece and the beast mode head.
  7. Swing the robot arms inward at the shoulders, then bend the arms at the elbow and connect the small round peg on the wrists to the corresponding holes on the green section in the middle.
  8. Lift and rotate the waist/hip/leg section around, then push it in.
  9. Swing the rear section of the beast mode down.
  10. Push each robot thigh piece up against the rear section (aka the abdomen).
  11. The bottom of each robot foot has a "U" shaped piece that slides into the tabs on the robot arms. The feet also have a tab/slot that fit together.
  12. Rotate the beast mode legs so Skywasp can stand on them.
  13. Attach the weapon to the rear section.

Beast Mode:
While much of the robot mode collapses into this form, the black and purple plastic colors still feature heavily. However, now that the wings are on top the translucent red plastic really gets to shine. Gold paint also gets a lot of focus here on the eyes and the back of the figure. The beast mode is beautiful and features a unique deco in this set.

Final Thoughts:
In my previous reviews of this sculpt I credit this sculpt for its strengths, but at the end of the day it is not a substitute for the "Thrilling 30" Waspinator sculpt. That said, I cannot help but feel an affection for Skywasp. The sculpt is a good one (read: not amazing, but good) and the colors are a wonderful homage to an unreleased figure and they really pop. I'm not sure this figure would be a hit if released on its own, but as part of this four pack it fits in perfectly.

As for the entire set as a whole, overall I think this set is awesome. From the fantastic packaging art to having a Goldbug that actually transforms into a licensed Volkswagon Beetle there is a lot to love. The price is also right at about $20 USD per figure and the inclusion of the additional heads was a fantastic idea. Overall this four pack is highly recommended!

Skywasp Pros:

  • Excellent sculpt in robot mode and creepy beast mode.
  • Good deco, especially around the head.
  • Fun and intuitive transformation.
  • Including the alternate head is a brilliant idea.

Skywasp Cons:

  • The weapon is way too small and does not fit Blast Effects.
  • The mid-body area in robot mode has a tendency to separate if you use the waist articulation.
  • The beast mode legs can get in the way in robot mode.

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