"Authentics" Megatron (Bravo) Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: March 2018
Price Point: $4.99-$5.50 (depending on location)
Retailer: Alternative Channels (Family Dollar etc.)
Accessories: Tank cannon

Official images and text below in italics are from Hasbro.com:
Transformers Authentics figures feature popular Transformers characters at a 4.5-inch scale. Experience the excitement of Transformers conversion play with this Transformers Authentics Megatron figure. It changes from robot mode to weapon mode and back in just 6 easy steps. Choose a side and collect other Transformers Authentics figures to stage epic Autobot vs. Decepticon battles (each sold separately. Subject to availability).

Megatron is the evil leader of the Decepticons. He will do anything to increase his personal power and the strength of the bots on his side. Megatron is ruthless and serves no one but himself, and believes that one day he will rule the universe.

Transformers Authentics figures bring the exciting conversion play you can come to expect from a Transformers figure. Transformers Authentics figures are a great way to start any Transformers collection.

  • Includes: 1 figure
  • Transformers Authentics figure
  • Choose your side: the heroic Autobots or the evil Decepticons
  • Awesome Transformers converting action
  • Convert from robot mode to sports car mode in 6 steps
  • Lead the Decepticons with Megatron
  • Figure scale: 4.5 inches
  • Ages 6 and up

In 2017 word came through the online grapevine that a line of Transformers was being released known as the "Authentics". These figures are simpler, lower priced figures aimed at the "alternative channel" stores such as Family Dollar. In early 2018, the "Authentics" were released in "Family Dollar" stores. As of March 2018, these figures have only been found at "Family Dollar" stores but it is possible they will find their way to other stores as the year progresses.

"Authentics" are separated into two sub-lines of figures. One is a 4.5 inch (about 11.43 centimeters) size and the other is a 7 inch (about 17.78 centimeters). This Megatron figure is from the 4.5 inch segment. Size-wise this places it somewhere between a Legends and a Deluxe Class figure from "Generations".

"Authentics" figures come on a bubble card. The bubble is shaped like the figure and the insert. Each figure is packaged in robot mode with the insert showing its alt-mode. The card has a vertical Transformers logo on the right and the character's artwork towards the top to the middle. Overlapping the character art is a circle with numbers around it. The artwork used appears to be from the "evergreen" designs which feature classic characters in forms that are not unique to any particular toy line.

The back of the packaging is interesting because it illustrates some of the low cost philosophy of the "Authentics" line. Like many Transformers toy lines the figure is pictured on the back in both modes with a multi-lingual description of him as a "Evil DECEPTICON Leader". It also mentions he transforms in six steps. The interesting thing is that the back is entirely black and white, which I am guessing saved on the costs of printing it in color.

Robot Mode:
Megatron's "Authentics" robot mode appears to be partly inspired by the character's look in "The War Within" with elements of his IDW Publishing Comic Book design. This is bulky and wide, giving him a powerful appearance. This is due partly to the wide chest and wide shoulder pieces and his large lower legs and feet. Tank treads from the vehicle mode wind up on his chest, and somehow that adds to the sense of power this design conveys.

While this is a new design for Megatron, parts of it echo his G1 predecessors. The chest is rectangular (it is sculpted to look like there is a panel that folds down to form it) like his G1 chest. The mid-body area has a section in the middle that looks like a control panel with round buttons while the parts that flank them look like angled vents. On the shoulders there is a sculpted shape that calls back to the curved "safety" halves from G1 Megatron's gun form. Of course, perhaps the most iconic G1-inspired piece is the head, which features a helmet section with a flat top and parts that curve around the back of the head while the face has a distinct brow piece on his forehead that extends out in three directions. Finally, the tank cannon can mount on either forearm, but G1 fans will likely want to connect it to the right forearm to give him more of a G1 appearance.

Megatron is cast in light grey and black plastic. The grey makes up most of the figure with the black used for parts like his forearms and feet. Black, silver, red and purple paint is used to fill in details, mostly on the torso and head. While he could definitely use a spot or two more of paint on the arms and legs, he does look good for a lower priced figure.

There are eight points of articulation on this figure. This includes three in the arms and two in the legs. It is important to note the shoulders, hips and elbows are all ball joints, allowing for a good range of articulation. As mentioned above, the tank cannon can fit on either arm. Each fist has 5mm ports, allowing you to attach weapons with 5mm pegs from other figures.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  2. Detach the cannon and set it aside for now.
  3. Swing the feet out to the sides.
  4. Swing the legs back and up.
  5. Swing the arms up and push them down.
  6. Connect the two pegs on the cannon to the holes on the forearms (they are on the inside, not the ones you use in robot mode).

Vehicle Mode:
Megatron's tank mode design echoes previous Megatron figures. Most notably the design of the turret section clearly shows the robot mode arms holding on to the cannon. This mirrors the design seen on the Legends Class Megatron from 2013. However it is a bit more boxy than that design and the feet form armor plates on the sides, and the left side features a sculpted Decepticon symbol. It is a pretty nice design actually. There are lots of small details such as lights in the front, wheel details on the treads and vents on the sides. For a low-cost figure, I really appreciate how much detail was worked into the vehicle form.

This mode mostly shows off grey plastic with black on the turret and armor panels on the sides. While subtle, there is purple paint on the sculpted Decepticon symbol on the left side. The treads are painted black. Sure the figure could use more paint detail (they almost always can) but it looks good for the price point.

The tank cannon can move up and down. While Megatron is a tank, he does not have any wheels on the bottom to roll on, so I don't recommend scraping him across the groun.

Final Thoughts:
Megatron is a great example of what the "Authentics" can offer. The figure looks good in both modes, it has nicely sculpted details and the articulation is good. I also appreciate the design nods to previous Megatron figures. If you are into low-cost Transformers figures at all, this one is recommended.


  • Low price makes for an easy entry into the Transformers toy line.
  • Size gives the figure a more substantial appearance than Legion Class figures.
  • Sculpt features several nods to previous versions of Megatron.
  • Good articulation.


  • There are hollow parts such as the legs.
  • The vehicle mode is a tad bulky (but it is a tank after all).
  • Figure could use some more deco in vehicle mode.

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