Combiner Wars

Pre-Order Alert: "Combiner Wars" Devastator Reissue Shipping from Amazon in 2-4 Weeks

Back in December 2020 it was announced that another production run of the Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator was being produced for release in 2021.  While the original release date was January 15th, there have been some delays but Amazon is now listing the figure as shipping in 2-4 weeks.   If you missed out on this figure's initial release, now is your chance to pre-order on Amazon and reserve your copy of this set!  Remember, using the BWTF Amazon link

Toy News: "Combiner Wars" Devastator Pre-Orders on Hasbro Pulse

Back in 2015 Hasbro released a new version of Devastator in the Titan Class. This was the first G1 based version of the character in that class and it sold well enough that after market prices on the toy can go well over $300 (twice the original retail price). Fans who missed out on this figure can now rejoice! Hasbro Pulse has listed new pre-orders for Combiner Wars Devastator!