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Toy News: "Generations" Legacy Evolution Guardian Robot Revealed

It's Tuesday (some would say Transformers Tuesday) and it looks like we have a new reveal via retail distributor Frikipolis: Legacy Evolution Guardian Robot with Lunar Tread!  The long rumored redeco of Omega Supreme and Countdown is now a reality.  It is likely Hasbro will do its own official reveal later today, but for now check out the images and official product description below.  A turnaround video can also be seen on

Toy News: New Images of "Legacy" Volcanicus

Hasbro Transformers designer Evan Brooks has taken to Instagram to share some cool new pics of Legacy Evolution Volcanicus!  He is careful not to include Snarl (who has yet to be officially revealed) so Volcanicus has two "Grimlock legs" instead.  However, these give us a great look at the Combiner form of the Core Class Dinobots and Brooks has also shared Skarr's concept art and some cool info!  Check it all out below:

Toy News: "Shattered Glass" Grimlock and "Legacy" Scarr & Swoop Revealed

Transformers Tuesday continues to deliver with its reveals!  Thanks to we now have a look at some exciting upcoming releases!  First up is Dinobot Scarr, a new addition to the team who combines with the other Dinobots to form Volcanicus.  Also in the mix is Dinobot Swoop, in pocket size!  Finally we have a big ol' Dinobot in the from of Shattered Glass Grimlock!  Check out this colorful assortment in the gallery below:

Rumor: Possible 2024 "Legacy" Listings include "Energon" Megatron & Gears

Via TFW2005, fellow fans Jtprime17 and Voltrace have uncovered what appear to be listings of upcoming Legacy figures arriving at stores in 2024, which is one impressive bit of lead time!  Of course, take these with a grain of salt now as these have not been officially confirmed by Hasbro.  Let the speculation begin!

Tra Gen Legacy UNI Core Rock 1
Product Number: F8516
EAN: 5010996194992

Toy News: Hasbro Reveals Buzzworthy Bumblebee Legacy: Evolution Origin Autobot Jazz

Earlier today Hasbro held a virtual Fan Media Round Table and revealed an incredibly exciting addition to the Generations line: Buzzworthy Bumblebee Legacy: Evolution Origin Autobot Jazz!  This figure represents G1 Jazz as he appeared in the early part of the first Transformers animated series "More than Meets the Eye" Part One.  While his robot mode featured very Earth-alt-mode parts, his vehicle mode was purely Cybertronian.  For the first time ever, an official Transformers figure is bringing this version of Jazz to life.  Check out the produc