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Toy News: Robosen Reveals Trailer for Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot

Earlier today Hasbro and Robosen revealed the Robosen Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot would be reissued (orders go up this afternoon on Hasbro Pulse) but that's not all! To complete the set, they will be releasing a three foot long Auto-Converting trailer complete with Roller and Spike! Check out the press release, images and video below:

Toy News: "Legacy" Motormaster Images Leaked

This morning brings some exciting news from Daim Choc Reports in the form of Legacy Motormaster photos! Some are official product photos while others appear to be screen caps from an online catalog. These photos show the Commander Motormaster will likely have a trailer that forms the "frame" of Menasor's body with the four smaller Stunticons attaching as additional detailing on the limbs. The trailer can also seemingly transform into a battle station with possible Combiner Wars pegs on it!

Toy News: "Legacy" QR Codes Active

When Legacy was first announced, Hasbro mentioned that the packaging or instructions would have QR codes that fans could scan to access profiles of the characters.  This modern version of Tech Specs is now live!  Via the Transformers Facebook Page, we have our first look at these profiles.  Scan the code below and it takes you to Bulkhead's profile where the figure is animated and we get to see his write up.  Check out (and scan) the image below and I've also included screenshots (stitched together into one image) of the profile.

Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Photos of "Studio Series" Arcee & Ironhide

While Studio Series Arcee and Ironhide were already put up for pre-orders over a week ago, it is always fun to get to see more photos of upcoming product before it hits shelves. Thanks to Takara Tomy Mall, we now have new images of Ironhide. Takara Tomy has also posted their listing for Spike Witwicky, giving us another look at this upcoming figure.