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Toy News: "Kingdom" Red Alert Listed on

The War for Cybertron trilogy is coming to a close with the last part of the Kingdom line currently on pre-order.  However, one release that has been the subject of curiosity is Kingdom Red Alert.  The figure was originally slated to be a Walgreens exclusive.  Rumor was that its street date was meant to be October 2021, but to date there have not been appearances in store in the same way as other Walgreens exclusives from the past.  Hasbro Pulse

Toy News: Official Photos and Product Information for "Mini-Mates" Series 2

Earlier this year, it was revealed Transformers would be joining the ranks of many licensed properties under the Minimates toy line. At New York Comic-Con 2021, Diamond showed off the next wave of figures at their booth, but they were kind of hidden on a bottom shelf and a bit buried. Now official photos, product descriptions and pre-order listings have been released. Check them out below! The set is $29.99 with a release date of June 29, 2022. You can use the links below to pre-order and support BWTF!

Toy News: Hasbro Confirms Final Wave of "Kingdom"

As 2021 comes to a close as will the Kingdom line with its final wave due out in early 2022.  While information on this wave has leaked here and there for months now (including some partial reveals by Hasbro itself) they have finally confirmed the final wave of the end to the War for Cybertron trilogy.  Thanks to a reveal on its Facebook page, we now have the final roster for the end of Kingdom.  Here's the breakdown from Facebook:

Rumors: Possible Reissue of "Beast Wars" Scorponok

Interesting bit of news from the r/transformers feed: it looks like there may be a reissue of Beast Wars Scorponok on the way in the future!  In a possible follow up to the current wave of Beast Wars reissues at Walmart, what appear to be high quality stock photos of a Scorponok reissue have popped up online.  Interestingly, this does not appear to be a straight forward reissue.  Instead, the deco seems to be based on the character's appearance in the TV show wit

Toy News: Macy's Launches Toy Section for the Holidays

Back in August it was announced that Macy's Department Stores would be teaming up with the United States remnants of Toys R Us to create toy sections in its stores for the holiday season.  As October comes to a close, these sections have begun to open!  I recently visited the Macy's in Woodbridge, New Jersey and snapped some pics of the area.  Interestingly, there is no Toys R Us branding (I expected a big sign or Geoffrey signs somewhere) but there were def

Toy News: "Kingdom" Voyager Class Blaster with Eject Revealed

Earlier today Hasbro held a Q&A with several online venues including Ben's World of Transformers. At the very end of this session it was revealed that there would be a fifth wave of "Kingdom", the final chapter in the War for Cybertron story. One of the figures in this line? Blaster! Fans have been wanting Soundwave's Autobot adversary for years now and this figure represents the first original sculpt for the character in decades. Check out the official product information and images (along with screen grabs from the session) below: