Missing Link

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals "Missing Link" Bumble (aka Bumblebee) & Cliff (aka Cliffjumper)

When Missing Link Convoy was released not too long ago many fans wondered if Takara Tomy would be following up with more figures representing G1 designs with modern day articulation.  Now thanks to Takara Tomy Mall we have our answer in the form of two new reveals!  Takara Tomy Mall has posted listings for Missing Link Bumble (aka Bumblebee) and Cliff (aka Cliffjumper).  Each figure is listed at 5940 Yen (about $38 USD) with a release date of November 2024

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals Styrofoam Tray for "Missing Link" Convoy

In the halcyon days of the 80's when Transformers toys were overflowing on toy store shelves, one thing was very common with boxed figures: styrofoam trays.  Unlike modern day figures that either sit in a plastic tray or are tied to cardboard, figures of the 80's would often sit in a specially designed tray that would allow you to take the figure out then put it back into the box for maximum display value.  This practice fell to the wayside decades ago partly out of environmental concerns and even as G1 figures were reissued they would sit in clear plastic trays.

Toy News: Amazon Japan Lists "Missing Link" Convoy

There are some toy reveals that make fans eager for a toy's release.  Then there are others that make fans go "How is this real?!" and today's reveal is one of those.  Amazon Japan has posted listings for the long rumored Missing Link Convoy.  Missing Link features the design of the G1 Optimus Prime/Convoy figure featuring modern day articulation.  This has been a dream of many fans for years and Takara Tomy has finally decided to answer the call!  There will be two versions of this figure: a "toy based" deco that will include a trailer and then an "animation deco