Toy News: Dengeki Hobby Posts "Beast Wars Again" Phantom Showdown 2-Pack

For months now Takara Tomy has been revealing a series called Beast Wars Again, featuring redecos of existing Generations figures representing Beast Wars characters (such as the Dinobot vs Tarantulas set).  Their latest two pack is a surprise, featuring Voyager Class Starscream in translucent colors as Starscream's Ghost!  The other figure in the "Phantom Showdown" pack is Waspinator!  Waspinator was already released previously as part of the Cheetor/Waspinator two pack, but this time out he has a dif

Toy News: Official Photos & Info for "Beast Wars Again" Airazor vs Inferno

Takara Tomy has revealed the next set in its Beast Wars Again series: Airazor versus Inferno!  Airazor is a redeco of Kingdom Airazor while Inferno is redeco of Legacy Inferno.  Both figures feature premium decos based on their animated counterparts from the 90's cartoon!  The set as an MSRP of 10,450 Yen (about $70.70 USD) with a release date of Late February 2024.  For now, check out the images and info below from Takara Tomy Mall and translated via