Pre-Order Alert: Walmart Collector Con Transformers Exclusives Up for Preorder

Walmart Collector Con 2023 has begun!  Several Transformers exclusives are being offered this year including new Retro G1 figures and a new capsule program based around the character of Toxitron!  I've posted the listings below for you to preorder from both Hasbro Pulse (for Premium Members) and Walmart (Open to all).  No sign of Grimlock yet but this event continues tomorrow so it may be posted then.  Good luck all!

Hasbro Pulse

Rumor: Possible 2024 "Legacy" Listings include "Energon" Megatron & Gears

Via TFW2005, fellow fans Jtprime17 and Voltrace have uncovered what appear to be listings of upcoming Legacy figures arriving at stores in 2024, which is one impressive bit of lead time!  Of course, take these with a grain of salt now as these have not been officially confirmed by Hasbro.  Let the speculation begin!

Tra Gen Legacy UNI Core Rock 1
Product Number: F8516
EAN: 5010996194992