Pre-Order Alert: Super 7 ReAction Optimus Prime Santa Figure Available for Pre-Order

It may be incredible to think about but we are already nearing the end of 2021, and with it comes the Holiday season. In celebration of that season Super 7 has posted pre-orders for an unexpected figure: Optimus Prime Santa! This wacky figure is a redeco and retool of the previously released Optimus Prime figure from the ReAction line featuring Optimus wearing a Santa hat and featuring a green and red Christmas themed deco. You can pre-order this item using the links below (and help support BWTF as well!). The figure is due in December 2021.

Toy News: Super 7 Announces "Transformers: The Movie" ReAction Figures

The retro themed Transformers ReAction figures line continues to expand with the announcement of four figures based on the 1986 animated theatrical film! The four figures revealed are King Starscream, Galvatron, Hot Rod and "Fallen Leader" Optimus Prime. These are not yet up for pre-order. The Facebook post (embedded below) indicates these will be available later this month to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the film. The packaging even features the colorful "Transformers: The Movie" logo! For now we have some nice preview pics to admire in all their retro goodness!