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Collectible News: Funko Announces "Transformers X Funko" Digital Pop!™ Packs

Funko is well known for its Pop! figures representing characters from a wide range of licensed properties. The Transformers have appeared time to time in the line, but now they are adding a digital component to the figures. On March 15, 2022 Funko will drop these "packs" for sale on their web site. A Standard Pack (5 Digital Pop!) will run $9.99 USD with Premium Packs (15 Digital Pop!) going for $29.99 USD. Each type of pack will be limited to 18,000 packs.

Sponsor News: BigBadToyStore Announces Bumblebee DLX Scale Collectible Series Shattered Glass Soundwave and Ravage Exclusive

Ben's World of Transformers Sponsor BigBadToyStore has posted a surprise listing for an exclusive Threezero Shattered Glass Soundwave and Ravage figure!  This non-transforming figure is amazingly detailed and features a Ravage figure that can fold up into a "cassette" and fit in Soundwave's chest.  Check out the official product information and photos below.  Then h

Collectible News: Yolopark Reveals Prototype of "Bumblebee" Movie Shockwave Model Kit

Yolopark has posted photos of its upcoming "PLAMO" (aka Plastic Model Kit) Shockwave based on the character's appearance from the Bumblebee movie! Shockwave appeared early in the film during a battle scene on Cybertron, and this kit reflects that design. Their Facebook posts indicate this will be seen at WF Shanghai. Note: these are prototype shots and the final product may differ, but for now enjoy the pics!