"Generation One" Chinese Comic Book (Issue #12)


One day many years ago I was running around New York City's Chinatown shopping. This was a normal activity for me back in the day but what was unusual was what I found one day in a book and stationary store on Mott Street: a Chinese Transformers comic book! Now, it is not unusual for companies around the world to publish their own Transformers stories and limit distribution to one geographic region. However, this was the first (and only) time I had seen a G1 based comic book from another country that was not just a reprint or riff of an existing comic book.

Instead, this comic book features original (but um...questionable) artwork with a story based on three episodes of the G1 series. The comic appears to take key sections of "Surprise Party", "Madman's Paradise" and "Ghost in the Machine" and line them up as a narrative.

An ebay search for "Chinese Transformers Comic actually pulled up some listings for comics in a similar style to this one, so it would appear for a brief time at least during G1 there were comics such as these published using artwork heavily based on G1 episodes (and possibly screen captures). I have purchased one of these and eventually hope to scan and post it on BWTF. For now, enjoy the gallery below featuring scans of this strange comic book.

Lightbox Gallery