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HasLab: Hasbro to Interview Voice Actor Christopher Sabat about Victory Saber

In a surprise post, the Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted about an interview with Voice Actor Christopher Sabat at 2PM EDT today.

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Toy News: Official Photos for "Cyberverse" Ultra Class Ramjet

A few weeks ago a photo popped up online showing a previously unknown Ultra Class Ramjet figure from the Cyberverse toy line.  While the character has appeared as a smaller figure, this was the first in a larger scale for the line.  Now thanks to a listi

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Toy News: HasLab Reveals Stretch Goals for Victory Saber Campaign

Hasbro Pulse has updated its Victory Saber HasLab page with two of the three stretch goals for the campaign! The first will be the "V-Lock Cannon" and Blast Effects which will be unlocked at 14,000 backers.

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Toy News: Official Product Images & Information for "Cyberverse" Bumbleswoop and Slugtron

While the Generations line gets a lot of attention from the marketing perspective, other lines such as Cyberverse have been quietly releasing new toys in stores and online.  Most recently the Cyberverse line has pivoted to a focus on the Dinobots (a move similarly done

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Toy News: Target Exclusives Road Rage and Draculus Go Up for Pre-Order Today

Target's Fall Geek-Out Event started last week with Batman related items, now this week it's time for some new Transformers!

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Game News: Win Prime Core Shards, Premium C.O.M.B.A.T. Chips and More this Weekend in "Earth Wars"

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Welcome to week 3 of the saga!

We are now just about halfway through the saga, and we’re heading back to our usual Prime Core Shard event - only this time, with a little twist.

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