Beast Wars TV Show - "Aftermath"

in 1997, Beast Wars

Beast Wars Transformers

Original Air Date: October, 24-26, 1997
Writer: Larry DiTillio
Director: Colin Davies

Episode Synopsis
The planet the Maximals and Predacons are on lays ravaged by the effects of the Alien device. The episode begins with the Maximals trying to find out what has happened to their leader. Meanwhile, Blackarachnia attempts to escape the Axalon.

Meanwhile, at the Predacon base, the Predacons celebrate the apparant death of Optimus Primal. Megatron prepares to strike against the Axalon to destroy the remaining Maximals. However, the Predacon computer suddenly detects an oncoming Quantum Surge. The Maximals detect this too and prepare for the devastating wave of energy.

As Blackarachnia tries to escape the Axalon, she discovers Tarantulas has still managed to become a formidable presence in her mind. He takes control of her and forces her to go recover his body and escape from the Maximal ship.

As the Quantum Surge hits the planet, the Maximals and Predacons alike are knocked unconscious. At the Predacon ship, Scorponok and Terrorsaur are knocked off their floating platforms and fall into a pool of lava. Megatron, Rattrap and Cheetor are all hit by the Quantum Surges and begin glowing and screaming in pain, unaware of the change ahead of them.

Slowly, as the Quantum Surge passes and the Maximals and Predacons begin to awaken. Among the first are Airazor and Tigatron who look around to find their comrades Cheetor and Rattrap altered in body structure. Rattrap and Cheetor "check each other out" and discover that their forms have been altered into highly metallic bodies with beast modes and intermediate beast/vehicle modes! Experimenting with their new Transmetal forms, both are quite pleased.

Meanwhile at Predacon base, Waspinator climbs out of a repair chamber to find Megatron also in a new Transmetal form. Megatron is now more than ready for the battle ahead!

Back at the Axalon, Blackarachnia finds Tarantulas' body in a new form, mutated into a Transmetal form as well. The Maximals begin searching for the spider to find answers as to what happened to Optimus Primal. Meanwhile, in a repair chamber Rhinox has a vision of Optimus Primal trapped in the stasis pod exploding and Optimus Primal's spark flying away. When he awakens, the repair chamber opens up and he sees Transmetal Rattrap. Stunned, he jumps out to find Cheetor changed as well. Rattrap explains that Optimus Primal did not escape the explosion and Rhinox laments. Meanwhile Inferno reassembles himself and prepares to exit the Axalon.

The Maximals continue to discuss things, with Dinobot now reactivated as well. Rattrap and Dinobot begin to do their usual banter but Rhinox steps between them. Dinobot challenges Rhinox's authority and Rhinox grabs him by the throat and tells him that he is in a very bad mood. Dinobot stands down.

Outside the Axalon, Blackarachnia, with Tarantulas' body in tow prepares to leave. But Airazor and Tigatron have caught her and knock her down, preparing to take her back inside. Suddenly, an explosion knocks Tigatron and Airazor off their feet and Blackarachnia looks up to see Waspinator and Megatron flying down. Megatron is ready to destroy Blackarachnia for her betrayal, however she reminds him that he needs warriors at this time and he lets her live.

Rattrap and Cheetor appear on the scene, finding Airazor and Tigatron out cold. Dinobot and Rhinox are about to join the battle but Inferno keeps them from going outside. First he blasts Rhinox and then tackles with Dinobot. Rattrap and Cheetor try to get to Tigatron and Airazor but the Predacons commence a surprise attack, knocking Cheetor over a cliff and Rattrap off his feet.

As Cheetor falls over the cliff, he changes to beast mode and his rockets appear, allowing him to fly away. As the Predacons see him flying around, Megatron orders Blackarachnia to take out Cheetor. However, Tarantulas takes over her mind again and she grabs Tarantulas' body and leaves the scene of the battle.

One on one battles continue as Dinobot struggles with Inferno, Cheetor confronts Waspinator and Rattrap takes on Megatron. One by one the Predacons are beaten and when Rhinox and Dinobot join the battle, Megatron escapes with Inferno as Rattrap mentions the Beast Wars have become a lot weirder.

That night, a stasis pod has crashed and is trying to read DNA patterns around it, but it is rapidly malfunctioning. Suddenly, a hand shoots out of the pod and the episode ends...

Comments & Questions

General Thoughts:
Considering there were only about 18 minutes to this episode to wrap things up, I think it handled things nicely. We were reintroduced to characters we had gotten to know last season, some in new forms, others still the same. The teaser for the "Coming of the Fuzors" at the end of the episode was a nice touch as well.


  • The action was fast and furious and I enjoyed it.
  • The Transmetals really look awesome, even Megatron who I feared may not have looked as good. Even using roller skates the scene between him and Rattrap playing "chicken" was a nice action scene!
  • Interesting look at Rhinox's "vision" of Optimus Primal's spark flying away from the explosion. Transmetal Optimus Primal anyone?
  • It was nice to see Rhinox "taking charge" of the Maximals instead of letting someone else (i.e. Dinobot) just stomp around claiming to be leader. We also learn of course that Rhinox in a bad mood is not to be messed with.
  • It is definately a step in the right direction to see Megatron concerned for Inferno. Good touch.
  • Inferno is as wacky as ever, I'm glad he's still a total nutball of a Predacon.
  • The "quantum wave" explanation for the Transmetals was a bit thin, however if I can swallow the concept of a race of intelligent robots who can convert into vehicles, animals etc. engaged in a war, I guess I can expect only so much "realism".
  • Note the careful selection of Transformers who became Transmetals, they're all characters who had to "adapt" to beast modes rather than being protoform characters who were created on the world.
  • Originally, the writers of Beast Wars wanted the Transmetal bodies to have a dangerous side, which would be massive absorption of Energon. If not dispersed such as via an energy blast, this energy could destroy a Transmetal. This idea was later scrapped.
  • For those who are curious, most of the Energon deposits have been destroyed, only a few remain. Also, all the stasis pods have crashed. Many were destroyed, but many remain as well.