Beast Wars TV Show - "Before the Storm"

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Beast Wars Transformers

Original Air Date: February 21, 1997
Writer: Bob Forward & Larry DiTillio
Director: Adam Wood
Script: Word format

Episode Synopsis
A large mountain begins to glow mysteriously. Megatron quickly dispatches Inferno to investigate the mountain. Inside, he finds a Golden Disk with alien markings on it. The disk is stuck onto a stone. Inferno has difficulty extracting it, but he manages to finally rip it from its resting place to bring it back to Megatron.

Upon bringing it back to the Predacon base, Megatron seems overjoyed and rants about how limited his dreams had been before. He begins to set a new plan in motion.

On patrol, Optimus receives a message from Megatron who calls for a personal meeting to discuss a truce. Later, Optimus Primal and Megatron meet as agreed. Optimus is suspicious, but as a Maximal he feels an obligation to give peace a chance. Megatron does not reveal why he wants the truce, however.

Optimus still wants to know what's going on. Tigatron is dispatched to infiltrate the Predacon base while Rattrap and Airazor distract the Predacons. Airazor pretends to "sneak" Rattrap into Predacon territory. Megatron keeps a watchful eye however, and sends Airazor on her way, insisting that she take Rattrap with her. Both Maximals pretend to be disappointed and leave.

Tigatron manages to get into the Predacon base through a hole in the side of the ship. He tapes into the Predacon computer and tries to decode the various puzzles he finds inside. He discovers the files on the Golden Disk found by Inferno, and begins to escape when the Predacons find him!

Tigatron escapes as all the Predacons chase him. The other Maximals are ready however. So long as they avoid the use of firearms, both sides are respecting the "spirit" of their cease fire agreement. Dinobot sets a trap for Tarantulas and Blackarachnia, crushing both with a boulder. Rattrap and Rhinox manage to have Terrorsaur run smack into a metal plate while Optimus and Airazor pull the plug on Inferno.

With the battle over, the Maximals gather as Tigatron tells them what he has found. The aliens who put the energon on the planet and created all the odd artifacts found on the strange world are coming, and they're not happy...

Comments & Questions

General Thoughts:
"Before the Storm" acts as a bridge between the prior episodes and the two part finale of Beast Wars' first season. It sets up more mysteries about the aliens, offers up humor and action all in one shot. Overall, a nice example of some of the highlights the Beast Wars series had to offer.


  • The "Code ATT" alert refers to the usenet newsgroup "" (a.t.t.).
  • This is one of the episodes that offer up a nice sampling of Megatron's brand of planning, and using Transformers around him as pawns for his advantage.
  • This is one of the few episodes that shows Megatron's "dinosaur head" arm as something like a pet. This is analagous to the infamous image of a James Bond villain petting a cat sitting on his lap, an image which later carried on to the Austin Powers movies with Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth, the cat.
  • Notice in Megatron's quarters he has a couple of "heirlooms": The head of Starscream and the original Megatron's fusion cannon! Of course, in terms of size scale the original Starscream's head and the original Megatron's cannon would be much bigger, so we can speculate that these were reproductions for display.