Beast Wars TV Show - "The Trigger Part 2"

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Beast Wars Transformers

Original Air Date: November 19, 1996
Writer: Bob Forward
Director: Michaela Zabranska

Episode Synopsis
All is deceptively peaceful on the Flying Island. Tigatron contemplates the beauty of the island as Airazor tries to recover. She still cannot fly, so Tigatron offers to carry her on his back until she is feeling better. The two take off towards the Obelisk to uncover the mystery of this paradise island.

Meanwhile, it's the Maximals to the rescue as Optimus Primal flies off to the Flying Island with Rattrap on his back. Rattrap complains about having to be towed around, but Optimus explains that he is needed.

Suddenly, the pair is attacked by Waspinator and Terrorsaur, now fully repaired! Rattrap falls off of Optimus' back into freefall. Terrorsaur appears in front of him mocking him. Rattrap sees a chance to save himself and transforms, proceeding to blast Terrorsaur. The Predacon flier is forced into beast mode. Rattrap hops on top of Terrorsaur and uses him to fly to the island. Waspinator is eliminated by Optimus Primal and he proceeds to the island as well.

Meanwhile, Tigatron and Airazor have been caught in one of the island's traps! Two large boulder walls begin closing in on them and their escape routes are blocked off by large rocks. Airazor cannot fly so Tigatron sees only one dangerous choice. The transforms and fires his weapons, destroying the boulder blocking their escape. He scoops up Airazor and runs frantically as the Obelisk fires a powerful blast, obliterating the two walls closing in on each other.

Blackarachnia and Scorponok witness this, and Blackarachnia quickly urges Scorponok along with her to reach the Obelisk before it can recharge its massive power.

Meanwhile, Optimus Primal, Terrorsaur and Rattrap finally arrive at the island. Terrorsaur knocks Rattrap off his back and flies off as Rattrap and Optimus Primal meet up with the other Maximals. They discuss the traps and power of the Obelisk and resolve not to let the island fall into Predacon hands.

Blackarachnia and Scorponok reach the Obelisk first, but they need to find a way around the Obelisk's energy weapon. She sends a false communication, fooling Terrorsaur and Waspinator into thinking that she will betray them. Terrorsaur transforms and fires off a blast, causing he and Waspinator to be blasted by the Obelisk.

Blackarachnia quickly blasts a hole into the side of the Obelisk and enters. She eliminates Scorponok and decides to take the island's power for herself. She utilizes the obelisk's power and begins attacking the Maximals. She moves the island towards the Maximal base to destroy it. They struggle to get in the obelisk but only Tigatron makes it inside.

Tigatron realizes the only way to stop the island is to destroy it. He aims his weapons at the driving mechanism of the island and destroys it. The island begins to crash and finally falls to pieces, coming to a halt.

The obelisk falls and a signal is beamed out and connects with another obelisk on one of the moons which in turn beams the signal into deep space. The Maximals speculate on who sent the signal and why, but the answer is as yet, unknown...

Comments & Questions

General Thoughts:
There are times when the conclusion to a two part episode is a let down, most often it feels as if two parters could have been done as one episode. "The Trigger" is not such an episode. It gives us building of relationships among characters, clues as to the motives of the aliens, more of a look at the "second" moon and most of all: Transformers action! All this adds up to a great conclusion to a cool two parter.


  • Tigatron's speech at the beginning of the episode helps "set the episode up", but it also brings into question the very nature of the Flying Island. He sees it as a paradise, but he is mainly (not entirely) looking through the soul of a tiger. Is Tigatron's perception biased because of this? Is the Flying Island a paradise? Or is it a dangerous weapon just waiting to erupt? Perhaps the answer is only in the eye of the beholder.
  • For continuity keepers, Airazor remains damaged in this episode, showing that the beast mode is much more vulnerable to firepower.
  • The "laser" communication technology shown in "The Trigger" Part One is shown again, but this time taking the form of a line of sight transmission used by an individual Transformer.
  • Rattrap and Terrorsaur get the "cartoony eye" treatment this episode. The scenes are quick however, blink and you'll miss them. Rattrap's eyes bulge as he is in freefall, Terrorsaur's eye budges when Rattrap aims his gun at him.
  • This episode introduced Optimus Primal's second wrist mounted dual-barrelled cannon. Previously he relied on the cannons on his left arm.
  • In an odd coincidence (i.e. it was probably not intentional), after Blackarachnia "powers up", her colors become those of the classic Transformers "Insecticons" group: purple, black, yellow and silver with red eyes.
  • Showing the second Obelisk on the second moon gives another clue that the second moon is not natural. The message sent in this episode does have repurcussions as seen in "Other Voices".

1.Why did the aliens leave clues everywhere near the traps?

As Rattrap explained, the island was created to test any creatures who encountered it. The aliens who built the island were striving for the development of more and more intelligent and capable species. Figuring out how to survive the island without falling into the traps or using energy weapons were two ways of any species proving their "worth" to live in "paradise".