Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Dinobot 2

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Beast Wars Transformers
Dinobot: Predacon Special Operations Combatant

Weapons: Laser sight guided blasters, razor sharp talons, hand mounted guns (in beast mode).
Beast Mode: Transmetal 2 Velociraptor

The second Dinobot was a nightmarish amalgam of Transmetal 2 technology and cloned DNA of the deceased Maximal warrior Dinobot. Created by Megatron in an experiment of Transmetal 2 technology, Megatron managed to blend alien technology, Transmetal technology and organics to push
Transmetals to the edge.

The new Dinobot's protoform was originally a blank, however Megatron used the core of Rampage's Spark to give this protoform life. Despite his programming however, Megatron is not aware that this Dinobot is still essentially a new life form, learning about its world.

Despite the zeal he has for his work with the Predacons, this Dinobot feels an emptiness within his Spark, an emptiness that will only grow with experience be it for good or evil.

That emptiness became fulfilled when Rampage was destroyed by Depth Charge. From that point on, Dinobot became more and more like his predecessor, eventually he was responsible for helping the Maximals locate the Autobot shuttle in the Ark and save the future forever. Dinobot was destroyed in the Nemesis when the great Decepticon ship was damaged and crashed back to Earth in parts unknown.