Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Dinobot

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Beast Wars Transformers

Dinobot: Maximal Front Line Combat Expert

Weapons: Optical sensor cybertronic laser beams, Rotary blade, Hand held electron sword
Beast Mode: Velociraptor

Dinobot was one of the Predacons who helped Megatron steal the Golden Disk from the Maximals on Cybertron. However, upon crashing on ancient Earth, Dinobot felt that Megatron and the Predacons had failed in their mission and would lose the Beast Wars, thus he made the choice to challenge Optimus Primal for leadership of the Maximals. Dinobot despises his former comrades, especially Megatron and Terrorsaur.

During their dramatic duel, Optimus Primal saved Dinobot's life, and Dinobot joined the Maximals. Having a Predacon, and such a fierece Predacon at that, join their ranks caused some tension between Dinobot and the other Maximals. In particular he and Rattrap traded constant verbal barbs in a love-hate relationship that both would deny ever existing. Interestingly enough he feels uncomfortable around Airazor, since he does not understand female warriors unless they are trying to kill him.

Dinobot once betrayed the Maximals and rejoined the Predacons after learning the planet the Beast Wars were being fought on was ancient Earth. He thought for a time that Megatron's plans would work, but he soon learned the Predacon leader's plans were more insane than he had originally known. He rejoined the Maximals shortly afterwards, carrying a degree of
shame and guilt with him.

Dinobot was skilled in melee combat, stealth methods, berserker fighting and strategic planning. He cultivated all these skills within himself to fulfill his one goal: an honorable death. Dinobot achieved this goal when he took on the entire Predacon force to stop them from destroying a valley where tribes of ancient humans lived. He sacrificed himself, fighting against incredible odds to save the future. His Spark has since joined the Matrix, among Cybertron's most honorable and powerful warriors.