Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Depth Charge

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Beast Wars
Depth Charge: Maximal Security Officer

Weapons: Cybershark missile launcher, Power discs, Spears and Hand held rifle
Beast Mode: Transmetal Manta Ray
Vehicle Mode: Aerial Cruiser

Depth Charge was once the security officer on the Maximal colony of Omicron. He was a dedicated Maximal who was dedicated to his duties. That all changed when Protoform X, a Maximal experiment gone wrong, destroyed the colony, leaving Depth Charge as the colony's sole survivor.

From that day on, Depth Charge advocated the destruction of Protoform X, trying to track him down across the galaxy. Protoform X even killed several of Depth Charge's friends on the Maximal Starbase Rugby.

Depth Charge did eventually capture Protoform X and advocated his destruction, but the High Council of Maximals and Optimus Primal refused, insisting on banishing Protoform X instead. Depth Charge pursued Protoform X relentlessly from that day on, swearing to destroy him.

Depth Charge would encounter Protoform X once again when he was taken to Earth's past by a time vortex. In the process, he became a transmetal and gained a new form, that of a giant metallic Manta Ray and an aerial cruiser. His first goal was to track down Protoform X, whom he learned later on had renamed himself to Rampage. The two fought almost immediately upon Depth Charge's arrival, the feelings on both sides as bitter as ever.

At first, Depth Charge was reluctant to aid the Maximals, but eventually sacrificed himself in an effort to destroy the Decepticon starship Nemesis. He did not succeed in destroying Nemesis, but he and Ramage did have their final confrontation near the great ship. Ultimately, the two destroyed each other, bringing their long circle of violence to an end.