Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: Skids

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: December 2004
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $20 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: Force Chip, Gun/Engine, Exhaust pipes x 2


Tech Specs:*
GC-12 Traffic Control SKIDS
"The youngest warrior on the planet Speedia, Skids harbors doubts deep down about his own homeworld, where racing is the only reason for existing. Though he is still an untested warrior, the Smallish Burners that jet forth when he activates his Force Chip Ignition are a small but intense flame that lead me to expect tremendous growth from him."

Strength: 5  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 6
Rank: 6  Courage: 6  Firepower: 7  Skill: 8

*Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin.

Every Transformers series needs a turbo revin' young warrior, and on the Speed Planet it is the untested lad, Skids who fills that role.

Vehicle Mode:
Skids is one of those Transformers whose vehicle design is a perfect reprsentation of where he is from and why he was built. On a planet where speed is king, his ultra sleek vehicle form makes perfect sense while looking great at the same time. The profile of this vehicle is extremely low, with the front angled starting low to the ground and then angling up severely to the windshield. The hood has V shaped vent markings just to accentuate the point even more. On the each side are three large exhaust pipes which go far back enough to partially obscure the rear wheels. The rear section is mostly made up of a very sleek engine-like piece. With tech details including some tubing and angled fins on the side, even this powerful looking piece looks sleek.

Like most vehicular Transformers, Skids has seats in vehicle mode, two in fact, with a steering wheel on the left side. However, the entire cabin area is open on the top and sides! I imagine it would take quite the daredevil to want to sit in those seats during one of Skids' high speed races. Still, the seats themselves are sculpted nicely with headrests and lines indicating cushioning patterns on the inner parts of the seats.

The two primary plastic colors are translucent blue and pearl-white. The entire front section is cast in translucent blue, and then white is painted on it to give detail such as the hood and outline around the windshield. All four tires are translucent blue as well, with each hubcap painted silver. The pearl colored plastic makes up most of the rest of the vehicle including the rear section and the exhaust pipes on the sides. Yellow, dark grey, silver and blue details are painted on most of the pearl-white parts to provide extra detailing. This can be seen on the seats and the rear engine piece where all four of those colors work together very well.

The rear engine section is where you can insert the Force Chip to activate Skids' ation feature. Inserting the Chip flips up the sides of the engine piece, revealing two gun barrels underneath. Flip out the gun barrels and Skids is now armed for combat in vehicle mode! I do like the detailing on the gun barrels, including holes that make them look like machine guns. It is also cool how the angled fins on the sides are now on top, maintaining Skids' "speedy" appearance.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the engine piece.
  2. Flip the vehicle over and swing up the yellow panels.
  3. Swing the rear of the vehicle down and flip the panels back in place.
  4. Swing the hood section back.
  5. Pushing on the car seats, swing the arms out to the sides then swing them forward.
  6. Flip the robot head up on the yellow platform.
  7. The three tabs on the head platform connect to the three holes on the chest plate.
  8. Flip out the gun barrels on the engine piece. The gun can be placed in either hand.

Robot Mode:
Like his vehicle mode, Skids' robot mode is extremely sleek and thin. The robot head is nicely designed, with a thin central crest leading to a helmet portion that has an angled antenna on each side. His face has thin eyes, and interestingly he has angled lines on his face under his eyes, making him look more like an older Transformer such as Kup than a young wet-behind-the-audio-receptors warrior. The chest design is simple, angling down from the sides to a thin waist which has tubes angling up on either side. These lead to thin upper legs and then wide lower legs. Tube details run through a lot this sculpt from the aforementioned waist to the center of the legs and the center of the lower arms, offering some interesting visual continuity.

The exhaust pipes are revealed to be attached to the underside of Skids' hands in this mode. This explains the figures' odd proportions a bit. His arms are rather long. Straightened out they just about reach his knees. Of course, we are talking about alien robots from another planet so proportions can get odd, but it looks rather strange on a robot intended to be humanoid in robot mode.

All the colors from the vehicle mode carry over to the robot mode, with one new one thrown into the mix. A dark metallic red is used on the head and chest, which looks really nice in contrast with the lighter colors used on this figure. The chestplate is sculpted in the pearl-white plastic, and the way in which it was cast has a very fine wear pattern on it that looks amazing, very unusual.

This form is a good mix of the various colors, with white, blue and yellow being the feature colors. The colors are mixed enough that it looks great and not boring at all. What I do find interesting is that in both modes, there is no Autobot symbol on this toy, which reinforces that he is not really an Autobot at first, but a Transformer from another world altogether.

Skids has ten points of articulation in this form. The only odd thing is that while his legs and arms are on ball joints, the arm joints don't move or stay in place freely. Perhaps because of the way the connecting joints are sculpted, they tend to force themselves into one position or another. It does not take away from the figures' playability, but it does get in the way of posing.

The gun's Force Chip feature can be employed in this form. If you detach the exhaust pipes they can be held as weapons on the top of the hand as well. The weapon can also be used as a sort of shield if you have him hold it underhand.

Final Thoughts:
Skids is a good example of what you want in a basic sized Transformer. He has a nice vehicle mode, a cool robot mode. He may be a bit plain for some, and his weapon is a bit funky. I would recommend state-side fans wait for the domestic release. Recommended.