Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: Noise Maze

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: February 2005
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $25 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: Force Chip, Wings/Blades x 2


Tech Specs:*
Function: Spy
"This mysterious Transformer appeared out of nowhere. He bears both Cybertron and Destron emblems. Through his secret activities, he creates
confusion on both sides, bringing about great shifts in the situation of battle. What could his true purpose be...? Everything about him is veiled in mystery."

Strength: ?  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: ?
Rank: ?  Courage: ?  Firepower: ?  Skill: ?

*Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin.

Some of the most fascinating characters in any story are those whose allegiances are vague. Noise Maze fits that bill for the Galaxy Force storyline.

Vehicle Mode:
Noise Maze is a futuristic looking spaceship in vehicle mode. It looks like the designers took NASA's X33 proposed shuttle as a starting point and then just went hog wild
with designs, and am I glad they did!

This is simply one of the most gorgeous and sleek vehicle modes to be found in the Galaxy Force line thus far. From front to back, side to side this
vehicle screams sleekness, which is impressive considering its rather oval shaped front section. The front cockpit section has a good chunk of detail, including an interesting translucent window at the top with a honeycomb like pattern on it. This provides a bit of light piping for the translucent cockpit windows. On this front section you'll find small etched details including parallel lines and tech detailing. Then from the mid section to the back you get tons more detail including tubes, circles and complex patterns reminscent of those on Vector Prime. Even the wings have a nice, multi-layered design indicating outer armor on top of inner complex mechanics.

On a more macro level, there are some really well done larger design features. On the back there are four angular parts, two smaller ones in front, two larger in back that make the ship look more futuristic than say, simple fins would have. All the larger design lines start at a point (the nosecone) in the front and then splay out til they reach the back of the vehicle. Very impressive looking.

Noise Maze's primary color is black. Silver, metallic dark gold, neon green and orange complete the color scheme. While these colors may seem a bit bright against black, they are used sparingly enough that they are not visually distracting. Most of the time the neon green for instance is used on smaller details such as bits on the wings and triangles on the top of the vehicle. The translucent parts on the toy (including the cockpit windows) are orange. Vacuum metallized silver is used on the back half of the wings over a "cracked" pattern, making it look almost like Noise Maze has had armor torn off in the past. These colors help bring extra visual appeal to a toy that is already extremely well sculpted.

While Noise Maze's affiliation may be dual in nature, his Force Chip certainly is not. The chip is very much a Decepticon chip, but is (for now) unique to him alone. The top consists of the four pointed parts of the Decepticon symbol, with the sides each having three points sticking out. The chip is translucent orange with silver on the edges. Etched into the center of the chip is a Decepticon symbol. This does sort of make sense if you consider
that by default, Noise Maze's symbol is the Autobot symbol. Only once you plug this chip into the slot in the back does the Decepticon symbol show up.

Noise Maze has an awesome vehicle mode rivaled only by Vector Prime thus far in this line.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the Force Chip if connected.
  2. Detach each wing and set it aside.
  3. Swing out the sides of the vehicle.
  4. Swing the side sections down on the middle hinge.
  5. Flip up the middle section of the vehicle.
  6. Turn the figure over and swing both robot arms out to the sides.
  7. Fold the central black hinge part back.
  8. Fold the two orange hinged/waist pieces together.
  9. Swing the waist section up and snap it into place.
  10. Rotate the arms and fists around and swing them into position to the sides.
  11. Fold the rear part of the vehicle mode's main section down.
  12. Flip the cockpit open, flip up the robot head and close the cockpit again.
  13. Rotate the robot legs around.
  14. Flip the foot pieces up, and swing out the heel pieces.
  15. Rotate the pieces that the wings were attached to so they are out of the way.
  16. attach the blade handles to his hands, or both on one hand for a dual blade weapon.

Robot Mode:
Noise Maze is quite simply one of the coolest looking Transformers to be made in years. Whatever the designers used for inspiration on Vector Prime, they made sure to use the same creative juices in designing this toy. Like the vehicle mode, everything here is sleek and angular. The proportions are very much like that of a stylized anime mech, the result being one gorgeous robot mode.

Noise Maze's head is shaped a lot like a Decepticon symbol, with two high points on either side and a crest in the center. He doesn't have a face as much as a triangular translucent "mask" (like Cyberjets do). On either side of his shoulders are parts from the vehicle mode that angle to a point at the ends. The cockpit forms his chest. The waist piece is very thin, which gives his upper body the illusion of being broad. The upper legs are small, but then the legs angle outwards until you get to the feet, which are huge, a common artistic touch used on anime mecha.

Like the vehicle mode, we get a lot of detail on this bad boy. His head, knees and arms all have small tech details on them. Other details include angled rectangles on the feet, parallel lines on the upper legs and layered patches of armor on the arms. Someone truly spent a lot of time with this guy.

Noise Maze shows off a lot more orange in this form, mostly in the joints such as the upper legs, shoulders and arms. Because they are interspersed with
black parts, the orange gives him the appearance of a Transformer glowing with energy rather than a knock off toy, which is always a risk you run using
such a bright color.

The primary weapons for Noise Maze are the two wing blades. They can be held in one hand as a double bladed weapon, or one in each hand as sword like weapons. Mounted on his left arm is a weapon that looks a lot like a cannon. This is also the piece which has his Autobot symbol. However, attach the Force Chip and two things happen: translucent orange blades splay out on the sides, and the symbol switches to a Decepticon symbol! Noise Maze's fists are made to the "Energon standard" size, allowing him to hold Energon weapons and the weapons of some other Galaxy Force figures such as Nitro Convoy.

There are a total of twenty points of articulation on this figure in robot mode. This includes ball joints on the upper legs, multiple joints on each arm
and the cannon on his left arm being able to swivel. You can get some fantastic poses out of this toy, which is always a plus in my book.

Final Thoughts:
Noise Maze is simly one of the nicest Transformers to come out in the past couple years. He's detailed, has a good deco, nice gimmicks, an incredible sculpt. Highly recommended!