Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: Land Bullet

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: December 2004
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $40 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: Missiles x 2, Force Chip



Tech Specs:*
"Land Bullet is a warrior posted to the planet Speedia, home of Transformers who specialize in speed. His bulky frame possesses incredible speed,
racing with fearsome swiftness along even the most winding roadways. Inserting his Force Chip for ignition generates explosive energy and increases his speed, and in combat, it fires his enormous twin cannons, making him an all-around warrior who can run fast AND hit hard."

Strength: 10  Intelligence:Speed:Endurance: 9
Rank: 7  Courage: 7  Firepower: 9  Skill: 6

*Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin.

Vehicle Mode:
Land Bullet hails from Speedia, a world where fast vehicles are the norm. When you see this vehicle, there's no doubt this is a machine designed for speed and power! I really love the look of this vehicle as it is very alien in appearance compared to the standard "four wheels/two doors" etc. car design often seen with Transformers "sports cars".

Land Bullet is actually a three wheeled vehicle. Two large tires in the back, and a smaller central one in the front. The front looks more like a ship cockpit than that of a car. The driver's area is ovalshaped and then it leads to the back where the rear section angles to the sides and then back. The rear section is like the antithesis of the front. It is wide, with thick parts and the engine thrusters at the rear are positively huge.

The designers didn't skimp on details. The very front already has a nice "teeth-like" design on the front edges below the headlights (this comes into play in the robot mode). The cockpit section has some really nice lines and designs. The rear of the vehicle is where the engine appears to be housed, and it has some great designs including tubes and wires. Very tech looking. The rear thrusters have exhaust pipes on the side and the thruster ends have lines sculpted into them like jet engines.

Color-wise, Land Bullet is an interesting mixture. His primary plastic color is metallic flake dark olive color. Light grey and bright green make up other parts in the plastic and in painted detail. Gold is used for details such as the exhaust pipes and headlights. His cockpit cover is dark translucent blue, and in a very unusual move, the tires are also molded in translucent dark blue. This looks very cool, giving them the appearance of parts created by energy (much like last year's Energon weapons).

Insert Land Bullet's Force Chip into the slot at the rear of the vehicle and the two thrusters at the back swing forward as cannons, simultaneously pushing the angled spoiler pieces to the side. At the same time a sound effect plays that is probably one of the coolest effects used on a Transformer in a while.

With the cannons pointed forward Land Bullet looks absolutely amazing. The cannons have great details on them including tubes, circular vents and more. The missiles launch by pressing the green buttons in the middle. It's also cool to see that the sections that were hidden by the thrusters have sculpted details on them as well. All in all, Land Bullet's vehicle mode is one of the most impressive I have seen in a long time.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Separate the front halves of the vehicle from the central wheel.
  2. Flip up the front ends of the vehicle to form the robot feet.
  3. Swing the front section of the car down and back.
  4. Flip the car over and you'll see the robot fists, separate them from the main body.
  5. Swing the arms out to the sides, then swing the shoulders down.
  6. Swing the fists down.
  7. Fold the central tire under the cockpit.
  8. Swing the cockpit section down to form the robot chest and flip the robot head up.
  9. Twist the mid-sections of arms around.

Robot Mode:
The thing I love about Land Bullet's robot mode is that it is such a contrast to his sleek vehicle mode. With a huge upper body and small lower body, he has gorilla-like proportions! His upper body is wide and huge, especially his forearms which look like they were designed to purely do damage. But then you get to his legs and they're these short, small things which is hilarious.

Land Bullet's head design made me do a double take. The top looks like a typical Transformer head with a crest and angled parts on the hlemet. But then you see his lower jaw. It looks like the Masters of the Universe character Trap-Jaw's mouth! This is the part which matches up with the "teeth-like" detail mentioned in the vehicle mode review. The jaw piece even has pegs at the ends so you can move it up and down! It's a very different and interesting detail for a Transformer.

On the chest there are three missile tubes on either side (non functional) and the tube analogy from the vehicle mode continues on his sides where there are details that look like large tubes running along his body. I'm really impressed by the level of detail worked into this toy. Even the legs are choc full of tech details, even on the inner legs!

With his robot mode mostly made up of vehicle mode bits, there are no color surprises here. The robot head is metallic flake dark green with light green paint on it. His face is gold with translucent dark blue light piping eyes. A bit of gold is used on his chest, arms and feet. Overall it is a consistant scheme with the vehicle mode.

You can use the Force Chip in this form as well. This turns the cannons into shoulder cannons, and once again they look awesome, adding to his already considerable upper body bulk. What's good is that he has no problem standing thanks to the stable design of the feet.

Land Bullet has nineteen points of articulation in robot mode, which is quite an incredible amount for most Transformers. His upper body bulk is deciving in that it makes you think he's unposable, but he has four points of articulation on each arm alone.

The fists on Land Bullet are designed with Energon standard sized holes, allowing him to use Energon weapons. Technically he has two Mini-Con Powerlinx points near his hips, but they're really meant to hold his fists in place in vehicle mode and most Mini-Cons won't fit there in any useful way.

Final Thoughts:
Land Bullet has two awesome modes, a very creative design and is fun to play with. Highly recommended.