Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: First Aid

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: February 2005
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $30 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: Force Chip, Hammer, Claw


Tech Specs:*
First Aid: GC-11 Engineer
"First Aid's learning extends from straight science to medicine, engineering and geometry, and his extended travels around the universe have gained him indispensable knowledge. Ever reliable, if a soldier is wounded in battle, First Aid leaps in right away to carry out treatment using the electron wrench he always keeps ready. While he is rarely on the front line of battle, he can skillfully pierce an enemy's vital points when he has occasion to fire his photon beams. He minutely calculates their trajectories and has never been known to miss his aim."

Strength: 7  Intelligence: 10  Speed:Endurance: 8
Rank: 9  Courage: 7  Firepower: 7  Skill: 8

*Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin.

One of the main characters from Armada returns in a new form with this Galaxy Force incarnation of First Aid, known as Red Alert in the US.

Vehicle Mode:
Like his previous form, First Aid is an SUV converted for emergency vehicle use. The designers clearly wanted to evoke his previous form, but make it look more sleek. This vehicle mode has a much lower profile than his previous form and its curves are smoother. Sirens on the top of the vehicle clearly mark it as a rescue SUV. There isn't a ton of detail on this vehicle mode, but that's alright. There's just the right amount including vents near the rear doors, storage compartments on the sides and angled lines on the hood. I also like how the designers made the sirens on the top angled, adding to his new "sleeker" appearance.

In terms of color scheme, there is clear influence from Armada Red Alert's colors. The vehicle mode is mostly white, with bold blue stripes on the sides and hood. The windows and sirens are translucent red plastic. His hubcaps are gold while the headlights are a slightly different shade of gold. Dark grey makes up the the front fender and the areas right above each wheel. While being a simple scheme, it works because it harkens back to his original appearance.

Insert the Force Chip included with the figure in the back and two cannons reveal themselves from the rear doors. The contrast of having a rescue vehicle armed with twin cannons is really cool and they are really well hidden until you reveal them.

First Aid's accessories, a hammer and a claw arm attachment store in the hood in this form. Flip the panels on the hood up and you can put the pieces in there for storage.

The only slightly distracting part of the toy is the top of First Aid's head, which sticks out a bit on the top. It's not horrible, and if you kind of squint a bit it looks almost like part of the sirens, but still I wish the head would have tucked away in this form differently.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Flip up the hood panels and remove the arm attachments for now.
  2. Swing down the front of the vehicle.
  3. Flip out the foot front halves so they point forward.
  4. Swing down the lower, rear section of the vehicle.
  5. Flip out the rear foot halves.
  6. Swing the rear tires in.
  7. Connect the leg sections from the front of the vehicle and the back to form each leg.
  8. Swing down the back.
  9. Swing up each robot arm at the shoulder.
  10. Straighten out the arms.
  11. Swing out the doors on their hinges so they make the arms more visible.
  12. The hammer or claw attachment can be connected to his left arm.

Robot Mode:
There is no mistaking this character for Armada Red Alert (or Micron Legend First Aid if you prefer). The two main design elements that give it away are the head design and the left arm. Like the Armada design, his head has visor eyes with a "helmet and chin strap" design around his lower face/chin area. The left arm ends in a barrel that you could imagine being a weapon or repair tool, something Armada Red Alert also had. The rest of the design looks like an upgrade. His chest detail is very well done, with four large vents and cross hatch patterns inside. An Autobot symbol is found right in the center.

The use of the front and rear halves of the vehicle to form the legs is an interesting one. It allows for significant balance,

First Aid is rather bulky, but that doesn't prevent him from moving. Not counting his feet, First Aid has nine points of articulation. Certain points such as the waist are eliminated due to the transformation scheme. Still, this allows for basic posing and his arms do rest on ball joints.

The colors from the vehicle mode carry over here, with his upper body being a combination of gold, white and blue. An Autobot symbol graces the center of his chest. The arms are rather plain, with no paint detail, just arms molded in blue and fist/laser hand in black.

The aforementioned attachments (hammer and claw) connect to the left arm. What I like is how by itself it looks like a barrel, but then it serves as the point of attachment for either accessory. Both are nicely sculpted and the claw has a hinge to allow the claws to move.

Attach the Force Chip into the figure and the cannons previously seen in the vehicle mode wind up on his shoulders. I really like the way this looks, and it is a nice way to carry over the feature from the vehicle mode into the robot mode.

Final Thoughts:
First Aid is a nice deluxe sized toy. His transformation is fairly unique and his design and accessories clearly are meant to hark back to his Armada form. The loss of posability due to the transformation design is a bit diappointing, but still this is a worthwhile purchase.