Galaxy Force Toy Reviews: Auto Micron Team

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Transformers Galaxy Force

General Information:
Release Year: December 2004
Retailer: Japanese exclusive
Price: $15 (Depending on Import Retailer, purchased at Image Anime)
Accessories: None


Tech Specs:*
"These small but speedy warriors moved here from a distant world. Though they are the same type of
Transformers as the Micron Team, the unbelievable speed their diminutive bodies can produce gives them
a power that could greatly sway the course of our struggle."

Strength: 7 Intelligence: 6 Speed: 9 Endurance: 6 Rank: 6 Courage: 7 Firepower: 5 Skill: 6

*Tech Specs translated by Doug Dlin.

With the "Galaxy Force" universe tying into the worlds of Armada/Micron Legend and Energon/Superlink, it comes as no surprise that Microns (a.k.a. Mini-Cons) would be part of this toy line. One of the first two teams of Microns to be introduced in Galaxy Force is the Auto Micron Team. This group is based on the Armada Street Speed Team with modifications to the sculpts and colors. This review will cover the changes made to these toys for this release.


Vehicle Mode:
Cyana is a redeco/retool of Oval. The reworking of this sculpt is extensive, covering virtually every side of the car:

  • The front end has been reworked. Rather than a lined grill he is now smooth in the middle and the lights on either side are just squares, no longer circular.
  • The headlights have been shrunk down, but they are still angled.
  • The center of the car hood now has a raised vent.
  • The sides now have three horizontal lines running across them instead of just being inset.
  • The rear window has been eliminated and replaced with vents and raised tech details.
  • The rear of the car (before the spoiler) looks like a raised engine block of some sort rather than just being two small vents.
  • The holes at the very back of the car have been filled in and the rear lights are rectangular now.

As his name indicates, Cyana is cyan in color. However, it is not a flat shade of the color, rather the plastic has metal flake in it, which gives it a very nice shine. The windows are dark blue and the headlights are yellow.

Robot Mode:
No sculpt changes have been made for the robot mode. The chest looks different since the front of the car has been altered, but that's it. Color-wise, the eyes are red and the mid body and upper legs are a darker shade of grey than the corresponding parts on Oval.


Vehicle Mode:
Gagenta is a redeco/retool of Spiral. While not as extensive as the changes made on Cyana, Gagenta still differs from his Armada equivalent.

  • The headlights have been shrunk down to smaller, angled shapes.
  • The rear windows have been replaced with curved, inset designs.
  • The spoiler has been altered so that there is a notch in the middle.
  • The rear lights no longer have lines on them. Instead, they are smooth now.

Again, the name of the character is a play on his primary color. Gagenta is primarily magenta, but with metallic flake worked into the plastic for a sparkling appearance. The windows are painted metallic silver and the spoiler has yellow on it for detail.

Robot Mode:
The sculpt for this toy has not been changed for the robot mode. Color-wise, the mid body and upper legs remain grey, and the eyes are now painted light green.


Vehicle Mode:
Sullow is is a redeco/retool of Backtrack. Like the other two members of the team, he has been reworked making him distinct from his predecessor.

  • The hood has been modified to include an engine block sticking out in the center.
  • The headlights have been changed into small lights, not one big one.
  • The front grill has been replaced with two triangular designs.
  • The edges of the front of the car have been raised and smoothed out, making the car look rounder.
  • The side door panels have been raised slightly, so they actually overlap the side windows a bit.
  • The top of the car has had a row of lights added on to it.
  • The rear of the car is no longer angled, it has been straightened out.
  • The back of the car has been altered, with the rear lights flattened.

The primary color of Sullow is yellow (a stretch on the name, I know). Like the other two members of the team, metallic flake has been added to give the color a sparkle. The windows are dark blue. Orange is used for the headlight details.

Robot Mode:
No sculpt changes were made for the robot mode (outside of the car parts of course). The waist/upper legs are dark grey and the eyes on the head are painted green.

Final Thoughts:
Although these particular molds have been given new decos a few times over (between Japan and the US), this is the first set to actually have been retooled. I'm a big Micron fan, so having this team be redone is cool in my book. Recommended primarily if you want to add Microns to your collection or you're a completist.