Energon Toy Reviews: Wideload

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General Information:
Release Year: Fourth quarter 2004
Retailer: General Release (Toys 'R' Us, Kay Bee, Wal-Mart etc.)
Price: $6.99 (Depending on Retailer)
Transformation Difficulty Level: 2
Accessories: Energon Claw, Energon Star


Unlike their G1 predecessors, the Energon Constructicons were made up of five (instead of six) individual Transformers who combined into one giant. By implementing a system where any "limb" component could be swapped out for another, the designers also cut costs by using one sculpt for two different characters on the team. Wideload is a redeco of Duststorm, so check out his review for details on the figure. This review will cover the changes made to this sculpt for this release. Wideload's name has its origins in G1 where the name was originally ascribed to an Autobot Throttlebot, and it is good the see the name back in the realm of Transformers again.

Vehicle Mode:
The idea behind Wideload's color scheme seems to have been not only to use very different colors than Duststorm, but to also reverse the color pattern in terms of which parts are light and which are dark. For the most part, the light blue parts from Duststorm have been replaced with black. This includes the top half of the front and the wheels. The lower section and the back section of the crane are green. Yellow paint is used for window details, contrasting nicely against the black. The sides of the wheels are painted metallic gold. The actual crane arm itself and the post it rests on are cast in light grey plastic.

Smaller paint details include black stripes on the back of the crane, the Energon "cog" symbol at the base of the crane arm section and headlight details. The "spool" of cable on the back of the crane arm is painted a light, metallic color which is a really nice touch (Duststorm had this as well).

Functionally the Energon weapon and Mini-Con pegs on this figure still allow a snug fit and the crane arm stays up fine on its own.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, the light grey color becomes much more prominant. Making up part of the right arm, most of his left arm, the chest and upper legs the color definitely keeps him from looking too green or black. His lower right arm is green and the front of his lower legs are black. The waist section is green as well, with yellow details and the sculpted Decepticon symbol painted purple against a white background. The shoulders and head are cast from black plastic, and his eyes are made of light blue translucent plastic.

Final Thoughts:
Overall I'd say I prefer Wideload's color scheme over Duststorm's. It has some nice detailing that Duststorm does not and the green and black colors lean more towards the bright green of Steamhammer, making for a slightly more unified look when combined. Wideload was slightly more difficult to find than Duststorm, so expect to pay a few extra bucks for him on the aftermarket. Recommended with the same reservations I have about Duststorm.